Golf results
Golf results

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Sandy Gallop Golf Club

Results September 21: Monday Medley - 1st  B. Hamlin 44pts, 2nd  K. Lambert 41pts, 3rd R. Ambrose 39pts.

Hole in One: R. Ambrose Hole in One - Presentation night.

Eagles: Matt Clayton 6th - 2 Balls or Eagle Trophy.

BRD:34. PCC: 0.

September 19: Single Stableford.

A Grade: 1st B. Kathage 41pts, 2nd J. Gardner 39pts, 3rd Darren Verrall 38pts.

B Grade: 1st Nathan Smith 41pts, 2nd P. Muller 39pts, 3rd A. Dern 38pts ocb.

C Grade: 1st N. Lever 42pts, 2nd Ross Smith 40pts ocb, 3rd A. Craggs 40pts.

Ladies: 1st B. Scott 35pts ocb, 2nd K. Mill 35pts ocb.

NTP: 3rd R. Kaczuk 80cm, 8th R. Weir 59cm, 11th B. Horridge 93cm, 18th M. Ballin 180cm.

Approach: 7th G. Stallard 135cm, 14th M. Manning 9cm.

Eagles: J. Gardner 12th.

BRD: 32pts. PCC: 0.

September 16: Stableford Medley.

Div 1: 1st J. Walsh 41pts, 2nd A. Dern 40pts ocb, 3rd I. Dobbie 40pts.

Div 2: 1st I. Henry 41pts, 2nd N. Englund 39pts, 3rd R. Hale 36 pts.

NTP: 3rd Ken Robertson 61cm, 8th Bryan Kathage 93cm, 18th J. Frankish 235cm 4 balls.

Approach: 2nd P. Brennan 800cm.

BRD: 31pts. PCC: 0.

September 14: Monday Medley: 1st D. Jackson 39pts. 2nd R. Summerville 37pts ocb. 3rd S. Morrison 37pts.

Ball run down to: 30pts. PCC: 0.


Results September 19: Single Stroke & 3rd Round Club Championships.

Winners: Men: Div 1: O Schmidt 84/69. Div 2: B Mathers 90/70. Ladies: M Gibson 94/74.

R/Up: Men: Div 1: J Comp 85/71 ocb. Div 2: J Buckley 91/71, L Johnston 96/76.

Run Down: To 75.

NTP: No 2: Men: E Wright 366cm. Ladies: L Johnston 44cm (2nd shot).

No 9: Men: (0-18) D Russell 394cm, (19-36) S Noble 18 cm (2nd shot). Ladies: A Niemeyer 96 cm (2nd shot).

No 11: Men: D Green 162cm. Ladies: L Sheraton 691cm.

No 15: Men: J Osborne 525cm. Ladies: E Nelson 63cm (2nd shot).

Approach (No 10): Men: J Young 151cm. Ladies: L Johnston 755cm.

Rosewood Vets

Results September 14: Winners - R. Cromarty 39pts. Ladies C .McKenzie 39pt.

Runners-up: R. Winrow 37pts. Ladies D. Smith 35pts.

Rundown Mens to33 Ladies to 34.

N.T.P'S No2 F. Akes. Ladies A. Brown.

No9 D. Russell. Ladies A. Arumugam.

No11 D. Russell. Ladies H. Gilbert.

No15 G. Arumugam. Ladies C. McKenzie.

Approaches No4 R. Cromarty. Ladies C .McKenzie.

Trophies from P. Brown & M. Boonstoppel.

Next game: September 28 - 8.30 start.

All vet golfers 50 & over welcome.


Ipswich & District Rifle Club Inc

September 19: A double 500 metre shoot was attended by 27 members and one visitor.

A Grade: Ken Lobwein 98.06 (8) 106.06; Andrew Mayfield 103.12 (1) 104.12; Tony Logan 101.09 (3) 104.09; Ray Mortimer 98.09 (3) 101.09; Rob Rush 99.08 (2) 101.08.

B Grade: Glenn Rush 104.04 (6) 110.04; Lester Robinson 91.04 (19) 110.04; John Kippen 98.06 (10) 108.06; Gary Morrison 101.07 (4) 105.07; Shane Osborne 95.02 (7) 102.02; David Nicol 95.03 (5) 100.03; Colin Jeffries 95.06 (4) 99.06.

F Standard: Rebecca Pook 112.03 (20) 132.03; Lee Webber 121.02 (11) 132.02; Lincoln Theuerkauf 120.03 (9) 129.03; Damien Tansley 119.05 (7) 126.05; Noel Davies 110.01 (15) 125.01; Glenn Rush 121.04 (2) 123.04; Ivor Davidson 119.04 (3) 122.04; William Long 111.03 (10) 121.03; David Sidery 108.02 (12) 120.02; Mikayla Gray 107.01 (12) 119.01; Leslie Austen 104.02 (-) 104.02; Mark Kruger 98.02 (-) 98.02.

F Open: Tim O'Shea 120.06 (12) 132.06; Brett Long 116.04 (11) 127.04; Damien Tansley 126.13 (-) 126.13; Christopher Gray 116.04 (8) 124.04; Gunther Ziegler 110.02 (-) 110.02.

Visitor: Gordon Duncan (TR) 102.5.

Next week: Rimfire Competition commencing at 9am followed by 600 metres, 1pm start.


Ipswich Table Tennis Association

September 14: A Grade - Knights 7 (M Uchil 3 G Marsh 1 C Anderson 1 Doubles 2) d Bushrangers 4 (D Bryant 2 R Goltz 2); Ravens 8 (S Shipperley 2 K Govus 2 N Smith 2 Doubles 2) d Defenders 3 (D McCosh 3).

September 16: B Grade - Blazers 8 (J Notley 3 S Notley 2 G Richards 1 Doubles 2) d Bruisers 3 (K Bryant 1 C Williams 1 H Oosterhuis 1); Bashers 6 (G Marsh 3 D Grant 2 C Anderson 1) d Blades 5 (N Scudds 2 P Jackson 1 Doubles 2).

C Grade: Cats 5 (B Bailey 2 L Fabri 2 Doubles 1) d Cruisers 0; Cobras 4 (C Park 2 N Taylor 1 Doubles 1) d Challengers 1 (M Cavanagh 1).

Table tennis is played Monday and Wednesday nights 7-10pm at Deebing Heights State School Hall, 81 Rawlings Rd, Deebing Heights. For more information, contact David McCosh on 3282 4708.

The Annual closed championships for Ipswich Table Tennis club was recently held.

A Grade Singles winner: M Uchil. Runner up: S Shipperley.

B Grade Singles winner: C Rutter. Runner up: N Scudds.

C Grade Singles winner: G Richards. Runner up: C Park.

Veterans Singles winner: D McCosh. Runner up: S Shipperley.

A Grade Doubles winner: D McCosh/J Leggat. Runner up: S Shipperley/D Bryant.

B Grade Doubles winner: Sc Notley/S Notley. Runner up: M Power/C Williams.

C Grade Doubles winner: G Richards/K Gowell. Runner up: C Park/N Taylor.

Ladies Singles winner: K Bryant. Runner up: C Rutter.

Junior Singles winner: C Park. Runner up: N Taylor.

Mixed Doubles winner: N Scudds/C Rutter. Runner up: C Anderson/K Bryant.

Congratulations to all the winners.

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