Carload of men bash brother, leading to man's arrest

A MAN who witnessed the brutal bashing of his brother turned to alcohol, landing him in hot water with the law.

The man is required by bail conditions to not have an alcohol reading over 0.05 and was caught with a reading of 0.262 on Friday afternoon, leading to his arrest.

The 28-year-old-man was on bail for, among other things, breach of domestic violence, and therefore cannot be named.

On Friday at 8.40pm he presented himself at front counter of the Toowoomba Police Station.

He was arrested and taken to the watch house where he was required to submit to a test. The result of that test was a blood alcohol content reading of 0.262.

Counsel representing the man said he had been "essentially staying off the grog" but on Friday had suffered a traumatic event.

The man claims a carload of people went to his brother's house while he was at his brothers' home.

The men assaulted his brother so badly he had to be hospitalised and was coughing up blood.

That led the defendant to start drinking heavily.

He was kept in custody for 11 hours following his arrest.

The man pleaded guilty to breaching his bail conditions.

Magistrate Graham Lee did not further punish the man and a conviction was recorded.

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