Carbon fears will fade: MP

CONCERNS about the carbon tax will pass as people see the minimal effect on their budget, Blair MP Shayne Neumann says.

A small street poll of 10 Ipswich residents by the QT found none who approved of the tax, however two did admit there was a potential upside.

Those polled listed rising electricity prices and impacts on business as their major concerns. But, Mr Neumann said: "The carbon tax will have a small price on the increase of electricity, between 10-11% according to Clean Energy Future.

"The main increase in electricity prices has been the continued failure of successive state governments to invest in infrastructure."

Mr Neumann said while an increase in electricity costs would have the biggest effect on Ipswich residents, the Federal Government's compensation package would cover it.

"On average, the Treasury has predicted electricity prices will increase $3.30 per week," Mr Neumann said.

"We're providing an average compensation of $10.10 including pension rises, tax cuts and family benefits." A Nielsen poll published in Fairfax papers yesterday showed opposition to the tax had risen to 62% and support for it had dropped to a low of 33%, declining 4% in a month.

Despite plummeting support for the tax, Mr Neumann said the Federal Government's compensation would balance out other increased costs from the tax.

"I think the proof of the pudding will be in the eating," he said.

"Australians are a very prudent people.

"What they'll do is see the impact on their family budget and see there wasn't much of a change."

The Federal Opposition has vowed to abolish the carbon tax if they gain power at the next election.

LNP member for Wright Scott Buchholz said he hadn't met anyone who believed they would be better off under the tax.

"To date I have not had one person come up to me in the street and say: 'I need a carbon tax'," he said.

"As of July 1, every time you switch on a light, or the washing machine, the microwave or even make a cup of tea, you will be paying more under the carbon tax.

"I can assure the people of Lockyer Valley that the Coalition team and I are doing everything possible to give the people of Australia the truth about this carbon tax."


Hotline launched

BUSINESSES fraudulently blaming price increases on the carbon tax could face action from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

The ACCC will field telephone complaints and inquiries and has launched an online complaints site.

Companies face fines of up to $1.1 million can for serious breaches.

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