Six days on the open seas before arriving in Ipswich

THE life and adventures of Captain William Collin, written by his son Mr Geo H Collin, had all the characteristics of a great read.

Captain Collin was born in 1834 and went to sea in 1848.

On his first trip, while still very young, he sailed for Panama but during a severe gale the ship's captain was washed overboard.

Ultimately the vessel took refuge in Rio de Janeiro, where the young William endured a severe attack of yellow fever.

He later experienced an earthquake. Then, aboard the ship Grimeneza to Hong Kong, the vessell struck Bampton reef, 500 miles east of the Queensland coast.

Only a few people were rescued and fortunately William was one of them, after spending six days in an open boat.

Eventually Capt Collin landed in Sydney and became a citizen, with 25 shillings in his pocket.

He arrived in Brisbane in 1862 after sailing from Sydney in a small 25-tonne craft he had purchased in that city.

Capt Collin later stated that Brisbane did not look very inviting: "There was but little wheeled traffic apart from bullock drays and other heavy contrivances, while grass grew in some of the principal streets."

His first engagement was to convey the employees and machinery belonging to the Manchester Cotton Company from Brisbane to Nerang.

Sometime later he built the ship Enterprise, which served him for many years.

Industrial trouble occurred in the 1870s and it was reported that the management of the ASN Company had determined to introduce Chinese sailors on their steamers.

This caused a strike of waterside workers and therefore the shipping companies had great difficulty in getting their vessels out of port. Because of the strike ASN sold their business.

Captain William Collin was a well-known figure in Ipswich as he had set up his own business and his vessels such as the Lady Norman which sailed between Brisbane and Bundaberg, Glide sailing to Ipswich was the lady Musgrave going to the Clarence and Richmond Rivers.


Established in 1896 was the Athenian gymnasium club, which met at the Congregational School East St Ipswich. Office bearers were patron the Hon T B Cribb MLA, President Rev WJL Closs BA, vice Presidents Messrs W Kippen, F A Whitehead; a Stephenson; and W Tatham; Hon Treasurer Mr N Hancock; Hon secretaries G Holliday, assistant secretary E Green.

The object of the club was the physical improvement of amateurs only. Any young man over the age of 15 was eligible as member. The club costume consisted of black singlet with red tips, dark blue knickers, red sash, black stockings and sand shoes.

Among the by Laws were (1) Any costume many be worn at practise but on no account will members be allowed to wear boots or shoes other than sand shoes when exercising (2) No remarks are to be passed or any conversation carried on during the performance of squad drill (3) No exercise is to be attempted while the mattress is not available for use.


Some 19 years ago (Dec 1997) miners at New Hopes Jeebropilly open cut mine unearthed dinosaur footprints.

On examination Dr Tony Thulborn from the University of Qld stated that the discovery was exciting as it was the first time footprints belonging to a plant eating dinosaur had been found in the area, although other parts of dinosaurs had been found since the 1930s.

This dinosaurs prints were some 170 million years old and were of a large two-legged plant eater that lived during the Jurassic period.


Parliamentary proceedings opened on May 22, 1860.

Today, May 22, 1922 will be the 62nd anniversary of the opening of the Queensland Parliament, which took place at 12 noon at the Supreme Court House Buildings, in Queens Street, Brisbane, in the presence of the members of the Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly, on the 22nd of May, 1860 (writes "Red Gum")

This was the first session of the Legislative council and legislative assembly for the colony of Queensland, called together by the command of his Excellency, Sir George Ferguson Bowen, Captain-General and Governor in Chief of this Colony and its dependencies and vice-admiral of the same, they having been called together by virtue of her Majesty's order in council dated at Buckingham Palace, on the 6th June 1859.

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