T.C United’s “Miss Reliable’’ Shannon Brackin. Picture: Rob Williams
T.C United’s “Miss Reliable’’ Shannon Brackin. Picture: Rob Williams

Captain eager for change of luck preparing for grand final

WITH a grand final spot locked up, T.C. United captain Clare Gillett hopes that also brings a change of luck.

In recent Ipswich competition seasons, T.C United have qualified for the playoffs only to be knocked out in the semi-finals.

After beating Wildcats outright in their latest first division game on Saturday, T.C United have secured the competition lead with 44 points, from Occasionals (36), Sports (31) and Wildcats (19).

"We haven't made it to a grand final in a few years now so it's really good for a change to go straight in,'' Gillett said.

"Semis weren't working out for us.''

Her team could enjoy a grand final preview playing against Occasionals this weekend.

Occasionals are also in good form, having beaten Sports on the first innings in their latest encounter.

"It will be a good game and we'll have to use it to have this roll on into the final hopefully,'' Gillett said.

Gillett expected key bowler Shannon Brackin to be rested before the grand final.

She said "Miss Reliable'' had been a "fantastic'' performer this season along with other T.C bowlers Jodie Spall and Karissa Aburn.

Saturday's win over Wildcats was another low-scoring match with T.C making 35 and 8/39 and bowling out Wildcats for 27 and 45.

"It's definitely more of a bowlers's game at the moment than a batter's game,'' Gillett said.

"It provides some entertainment. It keeps you on edge.''

She explained why the bowlers were getting the best out of the ball.

"The balls are a bit harder this year,'' the Ipswich representative skipper said.

"When we get new balls made, sometimes they can come out a little bit softer . . . a little bit more bouncier.

"But this year they have got a little bit more weight in them so it's a lot harder to get away.

"Because we are hit and run, you give a lot of chances and it also gives the bowlers a bit more speed.''

The final round of senior matches is being played on Saturday before the Division 1 and Division 2 finals start on March 20.

Junior finals begin on Saturday.

The winner of the semi-final between Wildcats Gold and Wildcats Black advances to the grand final against Sports on March 21.


Results March 6

1st Division

T.C. United 35 & 8/39 defeated Wildcats 27 & 45 outright by three wickets & two runs.

T.C. United batting: Renee Peters 12, Clare Gillett 7 & 10, Kate Johnstone 7.

Bowling: Jodie Spall 4/14 & 4 run outs, Karissa Aburn 3/5 &1 run out, Shannon Brackin 2/13 & 2 run outs.

Wildcats batting: Ashlee Verrall 10 & 14, Andrea Kruger 12, Michelle Weilemaker 9 & 8. Bowling: Sarah White 6/18 & 3/19, Ashlee Verrall 3/3.

Occasionals 40 & 60 (time) defeated Sports 26 & 76 declared by 14 runs on 1st Innings. Occasionals batting: Jess Fox 9, Amanda Richardson 15 not out, Karen Devin 9.

Bowling: Deanne Lawrie 5/10, Ailsa Martin 2/16 & 2/26 & 7 run outs, Melinda Park 2/15.

Sports batting: Tracey Scudds 36 not out, Lee Scudds 14, Amanda Wraight 7.

Bowling: Megan Packer 3/15, Tanya Whyatt 2/13, Kasey Stephens 2/11.

Points: T.C. United 44, Occasionals 36, Sports 31, Wildcats 19.

2nd Division

Sports 86 & 11 defeated Occasionals 53 & 41 outright by 9 wickets & 3 runs.

Sports batting: Cassidy Hammond 33, Lean Panzram 14, Bailey Whyatt 9. Bowling: Taurice Anderson 3/4 & 2/11, Cassidy Hammond 5/17, Dash Anderson 0/5 & 2 run outs.

Wildcats 42 & 57 defeated T.C. United 41 & 52 ( time) by one run on 1st innings.

Wildcats batting: Bailey Earley 34 not out, Sarah Teasdale 15, Rebecca Baartz 14 not out. Bowling: Zanden Baartz 4/10, Fletcher Baartz 2/10, Ruby Bartley 2/13.

T.C. United batting: Jessica Hough 12, Sunny Sandhu 10 not out, Deb Manietta 5 & 20. Bowling: Deb Manietta 7/8 & 4/18, Jessica Hough 2/19 & 1/24, Georgia Weller 3/10.

Points: Sports 56, Wildcats 28, T.C.United 25.5, Occasionals 24.5


Wildcats Black 51 & 63 defeated Occasionals 38 & 47 outright.

Wildcats Black batting: Alex Murray 16 not out & 16 not out, William Murray 14 not out , Kyshanti Bond 10 not out. Bowling: Alex Murray 3/3, Chloe Maxwell 2/2 & 2/5, Kyshanti Bond 1 v 2.

Occasionals batting: Corey Chudleigh 16 not out, Azalia Hall 11, Lucas Darr 6 & 3. Bowling: Riley Groth 1/3 &1/5, Dean Evalau 1/5, Azalia Hall 1/7.

Wildcats Gold 62 & 51 defeated Sports 38 & 44 on 1st innings by 21 runs.

Wildcats Gold batting: 17 retired & 7 not out, Beth Ruby 10 not out, Bailey Whyatt (sub Sports) 13 not out, & 14 not out. Bowling: Luc Kruger 2/11, Tilly Ruby 1/7n& 1 run out.

Sports batting: Dash Anderson 17 retired & 24 not out, Rebecca Rich 10 & 4 not out, James Johnstone 8. Bowling: Rebecca Rich 3/26, Dash Anderson 2/17, Addison Costello 2/19.

Junior semi-final: Wildcats Gold v Wildcats Black on Saturday at 9am.

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