LETTERS: Candidates should admit if they are tied to the ALP

SUBJECT: Pahlke and Neumann spar over ALP plots…

I should start this off by saying that while I have strong links to Cr Pahlke, this letter is totally my own opinion and has not been influenced in any way by my connections to him.

With regards to the story QT 9.02.16 and Steve Franklin supposedly running as an independent in the upcoming ICC Div 10 election; I as would be others, find it insulting to our intelligence that Steve Franklin and Shayne Neumann want people to believe that this is not a Labor Party/Union backed campaign and that it is just friends helping each other out.

Steve is an active member of the ALP and works for the AMWU. He is not starting his campaign very well when he is misleading the community from the start, by saying he is an independent.

In the 2008 council election, then ALP State Transport Minister Rachel Nolan, wrote a letter to Division 10 voters urging them to support Mr Franklin.

If Mr Franklin was not in the ALP would this have happened?

And his comment regarding funding in the community, my goodness, he couldn't be more obvious when he said, "It is not a bad thing for Division 10 to have a representative with good contacts in the state and federal arenas. It helps get funding for our community."

So, I put it to Steve Franklin, Jim Madden and Shayne Neumann, if Division 10 doesn't vote ALP, does that mean an ALP dominated Council will withhold funding from Division 10?

A last question for Shayne, if this is just returning the favour to Steve for helping you out in the past, why didn't you return the favour to me when I ran for QLD Parliament in 2012?

I spent many, many hours working for you on your 2007 Federal campaign and you didn't return the favour! Oops that's right, I'm not a member of the ALP.

JUSTIN BOWMAN, Grandchester


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