Lockyer Election 2020 candidates.
Lockyer Election 2020 candidates.

Candidates reveal what they will do for Lockyer if elected

IN THE lead up to the 2020 Queensland State Election, the Gatton Star asked all candidates to list their pledges - should the get elected.

All candidates were contacted via email to supply their pledges.

Candidates Rachel Haley (Greens) and Janet Butler (ALP) did not respond by the deadline.





Lockyer MP Jim McDonald with his residential survey. Photo: Supplied
Lockyer MP Jim McDonald with his residential survey. Photo: Supplied

$75 million Warrego Highway Package

Upgrades to some of the most dangerous intersections, including Summerholm Road, Niemeyer Road, Fairway Drive and pedestrian and vehicle movement at Withcott, to include acceleration, deceleration and turning lanes.


Water Security

The LNP supports the Lockyer Valley & Somerset Water Collaborative and look forward to the release of their business case. Only an LNP Government will secure 50000ML of new water from Wivenhoe Dam to improve water security for Lockyer's farmers.


$7 million Pavement Upgrades Forest Hill Fernvale Road

The LNP have committed $7 million to complete pavement upgrades to the worst sections of


Forest Hill Fernvale Road between Lowood and Fernvale.

$420 000 School Safety

The LNP have committed $420 000 to improve safety of staff, students and parents at 7 locations with the installation of high visibility school zone signs, including Helidon, Tarampa,


Forest Hill and Lockrose State Schools and Laidley & Lockyer High Schools.

$400 000 carparking Solutions Hatton Vale State School

The LNP will fund $400 000 to provide additional safe carparking in this rapidly growing region, in line with community demand.


$250 000 Playground Laidley Recreation Reserve

The LNP will fund $250 000 to construct a playground at the Laidley Recreation Reserve, which is included in the Recreation Reserve Masterplan and to meet community demand.


$110 000 Upgrades at Fernvale Memorial Park

The LNP will fund a $110 000 upgrade package to include fencing around the playground and shade structures installed above exercise equipment in line with community priorities.


$180 000 Lantana Control Somerset

The LNP will fund $180 000 for lantana control in the Somerset region through RMPC matched funds through the Somerset Regional Council


$125 000 Anuha Recycling Facility

The LNP will fund $125 000 to provide Anuha Gatton with a permanent airconditioned lunchroom for staff at the Material Recovery Facility. Staff currently take their breaks in small cramped demountable buildings.


$60 000 Lockyer Valley Turf Club Business Plan

The LNP will commit $60,000 towards the Lockyer Valley Turf Club's business plan to ensure the clubs vision for the future of racing in Lockyer can be brought into fruition.




Independent candidate for Lockyer and former One Nation president Jim Savage. Picture: Dominic Elsome
Independent candidate for Lockyer and former One Nation president Jim Savage. Picture: Dominic Elsome



Everyone is talking water. I am the only candidate with a plan for a new deep water dam in the Lockyer Valley at the mouth of Glen Rock Regional State Forest. This will not only cut the sediment from Blackfella Creek into Moreton Bay by around 50% but provide new water for a growing urbanised community and farmers for irrigation.


Wivenhoe Dam

Change the operational manual to increase capacity by 3%. This will then provide an extra 60,000 ML for Lockyer, enough to twice fill our existing three underperforming dams. So simple, why hasn't anyone thought of it? Job creation.



Only an unshackled noisy annoying independent will get Brisbane to pay attention to fixing our roads, esp the Foresthill to Fernvale Road, Fairways Drive in Haton Vale and the crossing at Withcott. A political party M.P. in a safe seat carries no weight with his Brisbane masters, especially in opposition, as we've seen.


Cannery/food processing plant at Withcott

For over four years I have been talking up this project. It is on the verge of commencement. I will ensure no red or green tape is used to stop it. We need new jobs!


Full Term Abortion (FTA) Abortion right up to full term, 37 weeks!

I will as soon as possible, if elected, put in a Private Members Bill to have FTA abolished. To abort a nine-month-old baby is simply murder. It is evil and only I have promised to stop it unconditionally. Many people do not know it is even legal.


Cost of living

If elected I will pledge to get discounted registration fees on multiply vehicles owned by one person. It is not fair to pay for usage of our roads when you can only drive one car at a time. Farmers and others have multiple vehicles for different jobs, yet can only drive one at a time. Reduce rego costs for each additional vehicle.



We must get back to basics. For a starter I will encourage all schools to ban mobile phones being in the hands of students from 9am till 3pm. They are there to learn, not engage with social media or online bullying etc. Phones must stay out of sight and use until 3pm.


Inland Rail

I promise to do anything I can to have it stopped! There is no benefit at all to the Lockyer Valley. It will cause massive flooding and destroy Foresthill, Laidley and other areas when we have the first flood. Do not risk our farming heritage and community for this. It can go via Warwick to Tamrookum instead, 134 km shorter as well.


Department of Child Safety

I move for a complete overhaul of this dysfunctional department as it is responsible for the deaths of so many children due to lack of proper oversight and monitoring of their respective cases. I want a lot more front line case workers and fewer managers who basically do nothing.



This is the forgotten gem that could make many new jobs in our region. I propose we encourage sports events eg canoe races from Lowood to Brisbane, Cycling races Gatton to Toowoomba, Farm Tours of packing sheds, vegetable harvesting and preparation and state forest hunting. So much more can be done to bring new money here.




United Australia Party candidate Andrew Rockliff, will contest the seat of Lockyer in the 2020 election.
United Australia Party candidate Andrew Rockliff, will contest the seat of Lockyer in the 2020 election.

Friends and family

I pledge to uphold the promises I have made to friends, family and residents of Lockyer Valley to pursue my goal of a fully funded brand new two lane Brisbane Valley Highway from Fernvale to the Warrego highway. To make it safe for residents who live on the BVH to safely access and depart the highway. I pledge to work with the Somerset Shire Council to develop and fund upgrades to the main street of Fernvale, to work with Lockyer Valley Regional Council to fund the traffic and pedestrian upgrades needed in their growing communities.


Working together

I pledge to lead the working committee that brings together all relevant stake holders needed to create Fernvale Parklands, which will connect Savages Crossing to Twin Bridges into a pedestrianised park for families and to staff this park with Rangers whose presence will combat the increasing anti-social behaviour and who will protect the valuable flora and fauna and will work with local Indigenous residents to survey & secure the local Indigenous historic sites that contain sacred places, areas of heartbreak and evidence of lifestyle such as fish traps and natural terrain artworks.


Protecting young people

I pledge to uphold the Oath I made, as a Correctional Officer, to the community of Queensland that I will serve and support those most excellent of staff in Corrections and Parole to carry out their duties and to assist with new projects to help divert our young people from the scourge of Crystal Methamphetamine (ICE) that continues to plague local communities.




Pauline Hanson One Nation candidate for Lockyer, Corey West.
Pauline Hanson One Nation candidate for Lockyer, Corey West.




Secure the link of Apex, Dyer, Clarendon and Atkinsons via piped water from Sommerset / Wivenhoe dams. Stand by rates instead of full rates on water meters when no water is available. Paid Bore water meters to be removed.



Every entry road on the Warrego Highway to have adequate acceleration and deceleration lanes made to avoid low speed vehicles intercepting high speed traffic.

Full reseal to Brisbane Valley Highway and Fernvale Forrest Hill roads with stronger sub base and extra overtaking lanes to cater for increased holiday and heavy vehicle traffic. Traffic lights to be installed at the intersection of these roads.



Increase bus service to new housing developments and existing towns throughout Lockyer linking Towoomba and ipswich. Also to join rail stations with this bus service at Gatton, Laidley, Forrest Hill and more passenger daily services on the rail.



Continue to support the family law enquiry and make better provisions for establishing men's groups and support into family groups In the Lockyer electorate. Youth justice policy to be pushed on local areas in co operation with the Queensland police.



Push for manufacturing to grow for the Salad Bowl. The products grown here need to be shelf ready by the time they leave the valley.


Inland Rail

The inland rail is a poorly thought out design and for the purposes of coal it needs to head to Gladstone. Residents of Lockyer do no want it and there is fear that if it goes through Lockyer it may carry rubbish to Ipswich to be incinerated there bring disease, pests and undesirable smells and pollution.



One Nation are pushing to have electricity cheap and affordable pushing for a new coal powered power station in North Queensland.



Back to basic with the 3 Rs and a better balance of male and female teachers. Teachers to be better selected from the top achievers from University. Indoctoration to be removed entirely.




Greens candidate for Lockyer Rachel Haley.
Greens candidate for Lockyer Rachel Haley.

Renewable energy
We are committed to investing in publicly-owned renewable energy to create over 700 jobs, revive local manufacturing and make our region a hub for clean energy

Public housing
We are committed to building more than 2000 public houses over four years which will create more than 1300 construction jobs and address our region's housing crisis

Health care
We are committed to free health care for all, with up to 200 extra doctors and nurses and a dozen community health clinics for our region, and free hospital parking

School funding
We are committed to full funding of schools, with an investment of over $60 million over four years for state schools in Lockyer, with the aim of securing more teachers, smaller class sizes and no more fees

Food programs
We will establish a free breakfast and lunch programme for all state schools in Lockyer and a free season of club sport for everyone under 18

Public transport
We will introduce free public transport with an expanded bus network and a fast-rail link to connect Ipswich to Brisbane to cut travel times and unlock regional tourism



ALP Candidate for Lockyer Janet Butler.
ALP Candidate for Lockyer Janet Butler.

Did not respond to the Gatton Star's request

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