Cancer victims need help even when cured

WE know the experience of cancer can be demanding, both for your body and your mind.

Research shows up to one third of cancer patients experience ongoing psychological challenges such as anxiety and depression, as a result of their illness.

Emotional stress after cancer can be just as challenging during diagnosis or treatment, which is why Cancer Council Queensland is inviting people who have been affected by cancer to take part in our half-day Mindfulness Workshop.

The workshop is a four hour meditation program being held in Brisbane on March 18.

This workshop, which is based on a combination of mindfulness meditation and cognitive therapy, is run by Cancer Council Queensland's Cancer Counselling Service and aims to introduce participants to meditation skills and tools to help them live more fully in the moment, rather than being caught up in worries.

Learning new ways of managing difficulties through our Mindfulness Workshop can be useful for all of us, regardless of life stage or situation.

I encourage all locals who have been affected by cancer, their family and friends, to register now by calling Cancer Council's 13 11 20

KATIE CLIFT, Cancer Council Qld


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