Can you name all of the bizarre bingo calls?

WHY is 37 a flea in heaven, and 73 a crutch with a flea? And who the heck is Dirty Gertie?

If we've lost you already, chances are you're not a regular at the local bingo hall, but you're about to get schooled on some of the bingo lingo that makes the game great. 

Most people have heard of the common ones like legs eleven and two fat ladies. But you'd be doing well to be able to name all bizarre bingo calls for the numbers 1-90. 

So where did they all come from? Some are obviously just rhyming slang, like 'jump and jive 35' and 'three cup of tea'. But some are downright strange. 

Many of the calls come from military times when men would play during the war. 

Doctor's orders, number nine, originated from the number system medical officers would use to prescribe laxatives to constipated men in the trenches. If you had a nine on your medical slip, you knew where you were headed for the next while...

Dirty Gertie also comes from the military, rhyming slang for 30. It's reportedly from a song often sung by the Allied soldiers while in North Africa. 

Other bingo calls derived from pop culture and celebrities of the time, like 17 Dancing Queen, the hit Abba song, or seven David Beckham. 

Calls often change with the times to reflect the generation, but one that's sure to stick around is 51 I love my mum. 

Ain't that sweet. Wonder who came up with that one? A couple of easy ones to remember are: two is a duck, because a duck's egg is roundish and three is a flea, we assume for no other reason than it rhymed.

Five is snakes alive, because again it sort of looks like one and it rhymes, and all the 70s are considered lucky. For example, lucky seven is 77, lucky eight is 78, lucky nine 79 etc. 

Now you've got a few of the basic calls under your belt, you're on your way to winning. 

If you didn't get your bingo card inside Friday or Saturday's paper, they'll also be inside this Friday and Saturday editions. Once you have that, you're set to play. 

Each day we will run 10 numbers in the paper. Cross these off in the corresponding week on your card. Once you have all numbers for that week, you have Bingo!

Phone the 1900 number on your card to register your bingo and you'll be in the draw to win that week's prize. A new game starts every Saturday.  One of these prizes will be won in your region each week - a $1000 fuel voucher, $1000 Visa debit card, a $1000 travel voucher and a $1500 grocery voucher. 

There will also be a second chance draw with a whopping $5000 cruise voucher on offer for one lucky winner across the Australian Regional Media footprint.  Head HERE for more information.   

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