Campbell Newman: We are listening to Queenslanders

PREMIER Campbell Newman was selling a story of lessons learnt today telling Parliament that his government had reconsidered the wishes of Queenslanders and was now working hard to ensure they are realised.

Mr Newman, who admitted after the 18.2% loss in the Stafford by-election last month, that the LNP had "got it wrong" on several policy issues said their actions in the last fortnight should demonstrate they are indeed listening.

"The actions we have taken since Stafford should definitely show the people of Queensland we are listening," Mr Newman said.

"In the last fortnight we have delivered on a policy to ensure the chair of the Crime and Corruption Committee has bipartisan support, we have removed the rules surrounding the segregation and uniform requirements for bikies and we have restored the previous schedule for estimates."

The Premier, who is facing an uphill battle to improve his popularity ratings before the election early next year, said the government would push ahead with the asset sales program.

"Our actions will continue to demonstrate we have a willingness to listen and Strong Choices is an example of that," he said.

"We believe this is only way to repair the state' finances and get the infrastructure, the roads, hospitals, sporting and cultural facilities that Queenslanders need and deserve.

"We will be continuing with that so come the election in 2015 we can show people how we can extricate ourselves from huge debt and still afford the infrastructure."

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