'I need $4000 to save my dog's life'

THE owner of a seriously injured dog is calling for donations to help pay for life-saving surgery.

Milo the pug was struck by a car outside his property in Springfield Lakes last month, resulting in five broken ribs, a dislocated elbow and broken leg.

Owner Emmy Fritz created the Go Fund Me page in the hope of raising $4000 to pay for one of Milo's legs to be amputated, a procedure she was advised would provide him with the best quality of life.

"On the 19th of March our baby boy Milo was sadly run over by a car," she said.

"He found a way out of our fence and was found in front of our house (with) five broken ribs, a dislocated elbow and a broken leg.

"We were offered to try fix his leg through a surgical procedure but was not promised that he would ever walk again normally. After seeing what would benefit Milo best, our vet suggested amputation was the best option.

"The surgery is just over $4000 but out goal is to raise as much as we can to help pay for him.

"We appreciate even the smallest donation as even $5 will go a long way to save our little Milo's life."

Ms Fritz said the surgery was an unexpected cost for her family who were already paying other medical bills and university fees.

The campaign is currently trending on Go Fund Me with the page having already raised $1193 by 34 people in 22 days.

To donate, visit: gofundme.com