CMC Rocks 2019. Cam.
CMC Rocks 2019. Cam. Cordell Richardson

Cam the superhero of country

WHEN your middle name is Marvel, it is inevitable that people are going to wonder what your superpower is, and for country superstar Cam, she's happy to take credit for the rain at CMC Rocks.

Camaron Marvel Ochs is known to her fans simple as Cam, and her set was a highlight of the event on Saturday night in the muddy paddocks of Willowbank.

Before she took to the stage, she sat down with The Queensland Times to share her love of coming to Ipswich for the second time, and her love of Psychology, performing and bringing the rain.

"I've been hearing from everyone how shocked they are that its been raining, it's like you're e all embarrassed by it!" Cam said. "This is my second time at CMC Rocks, I came here in 2016 and had a great time but this time I've planned things a bit better so we can see a bit more of Australia.

"My husband and two of my best friends are coming and we plan to snorkel on the Barrier Reef, see the Gold Coast and hopefully get to see the sea turtles hatch on the beaches, that's my number one goal."


CMC Rocks 2019. Cam.
CMC Rocks 2019. Cam. Cordell Richardson

Growing up listening to the legendary Patsy Cline, Cam has been a big supporter of women in music, and thinks that with so many genres of country around, this is possibly a golden time for fans.

"This is like the 'Big Bang' of country music right now, it has exploded in so many different directions but in a great way. The impact of social media has helped, for example we all got to revere Dolly Parton together because we got it from the same source, but now you can access music in so many ways which is really amazing," Cam said.

"I was at the song writing series even on Saturday sitting with the other artists and was blown away how wonderful it was. It's great to be invited back to CMC and I don't know who's booking it but there is a great cross section of music.

"For me, when you're in a festival like this it amps things up. You can have someone who is on before you that is so different, but I just imagine, when I hit that stage, that everyone is a first-time listener, and I have to win them over. That's how I look at it."


CMC Rocks 2019. Cam.
CMC Rocks 2019. Cam. Cordell Richardson

Some people may have cleaned their cars, put the washing out or done a rain dance, but it is C. Marvel that you can thank for it.

"Bringing the mud party to CMC, I think that's my superpower. Look, anyone who found out my middle name, especially nerds, thought it was pretty cool. 'Oh that's so cool, it's the best comic universe' they'd say," the Californian said. "I was coming through customs in Australia, and they looked at my passport and said 'Marvel'? Now that Captain Marvel has come out people ask me if I'm her, and I swear I'm not making it up, it's my real name!"

Cam has two degrees, and even though life took her to a career in music, she still likes to think they come in handy. She laughed at the suggestion that maybe she's the smartest person at CMC.

"I don't know if I'm the smartest person here, but yes I do have a degree in Psychology and Italian. I guess it helps with writing, as it's a form of psychology, and a kind of therapy for me. I tell myself it will be okay, and if I sing it over and over again it allows me to process things and help me get through it. Burning House was a hard song to sing at the beginning, as I'd get a hot red face. Now I sing it and I can let it go."

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