OPINION: Cam is the hero of Walloon

HOW do you get through to young pupils that they need to start behaving better and listening in class.

Just about every senior teacher has had sleepless nights pondering this very dilemma.

They have discovered that while we have seen plenty of movies about teachers achieving classroom miracles, it's often mission impossible .

Michael Nunn, who teaches out at the small Walloon State School, found himself facing the same issue recently.

He decided what he needed was a role model who his junior class could relate to.

The person he chose as an example of what you can achieve in life if you are respectful and work hard was Australian rugby league captain Cameron Smith.

His campaign was simply titled: "I want to be like Cameron Smith."

The class got onboard and it was so successful that Michael e-mailed Cameron to tell him about it.

He didn't just say "that's nice", Cameron instead decided to pay a special visit to the school.

Can you imagine being a seven or eight-year-old sitting in that classroom and seeing your idol walk into the room?

It will be a moment that every pupil at the school will always remember.

One of my fondest memories from my junior school days was having the great league winger, Ken Irvine, come to our assembly. Like the kids at Walloon who now aspire to be just like Cam, I wanted to be just like Ken.

Take a bow Michael for your idea and it's a high five to Cameron for travelling to Walloon. You truly are one of our sporting greats.

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