'Kids should learn computer code, not a foreign language'

IT AGENCY owner Yvette Adams believes Australian children should be taught computer coding in school in preference to language, because that will be the language of the future.

The owner of The Creative Collective has returned from a jam-packed fortnight in Silicon Valley where she visited 11 companies, including Facebook, LinkedIn, IBM and EventBrite.

Ms Adams is calling for a revolution to the way children are taught information and communications technology.

"We've got to be fostering our kids to be entrepreneurs, not employees," she said.

"We've got to change the mindset.

"Instead of teaching kids languages and algebra, we should be teaching them CSS (cascading style sheets) and coding - that's the language of the future.

"If we did that we would have so many opportunities open up and we would be even more competitive."

Ms Adams, who won the ICT woman of the year iAward in Brisbane last week, said her trip was life-changing.

Will business cards soon be a thing of the past? 


Which do you think would be most beneficial for children to learn?

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