Call to legalise, tax e-cigarette liquids

AN ADVOCACY group has labelled the Queensland Health crackdown on vaping, including massive fines, as "ludicrous".

Brian Marlow from Legalise Vaping said the ban on vaping liquid containing nicotine was harmful and would likely push people towards trying to circumvent the rules, rather than follow them.

"The fines are ludicrous," Mr Marlow said.

"We should legalise it so people can access the products safely and the government can regulate and tax it."

Vaping is the practice inhaling and exhaling vapour created by an electronic cigarette, filled with flavoured liquid. Not all liquids contain nicotine.

In Queensland, nicotine liquid is considered a poison and only those with a prescription, or licence, are legally entitled to possess the product.

Both Queensland Health and the Australian Medical Association hold concerns legalising or encouraging vaping may lead young people to start smoking, or accept the use of nicotine products as a normal practice.


The Sunshine State was the first state in Australia to include electronic cigarettes in tobacco cigarettes laws, in 2015.

Mr Marlow's organisation is just one the voices calling for the attitude towards vaping to change.

"Legalise it, regulate it, allow it to be sold here so it can be taxed and benefit the people who are trying to do the right thing and get off cigarettes," he said.

Do you need help quitting? 

Visit Queensland Health's QUIT HQ website for more information or call QUIT line on 13 7848.

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