Western Spirit 2013 coach Darren Hillier at Kippen Park on Wednesday.
Western Spirit 2013 coach Darren Hillier at Kippen Park on Wednesday. Sarah Harvey

Call to arms to help Western Spirit through rough patch

DARREN Hillier and his coaching team made a commitment to help Western Spirit build a winning culture in this year's Football Brisbane Capital League 1 competition.

However, just weeks into the new season, the club's playing numbers have been severely depleted.

Preparing for tomorrow's matches at Kippen Park, Hillier was concerned about the commitment of some footballers.

Only 14 players from two squads turned up to training on Tuesday night, frustrating Hillier.

While half his regular side is injured or away and hope to be back in a few weeks, Hillier yesterday called for his other troops to rally behind the Goodna-based club.

"Come on lads, we're better than this, let's start pulling together and everyone get to training," Hillier said.

"We are trying to remain positive and get through the rough patch. Hopefully we can come out the other side with everyone fit."

Hillier was unsure why some players said they'd train and play then lacked discipline.

He organised two recent meetings to resolve any issues.

However, the former professional player is disappointed with recent numbers, especially after his Reserve grade team had such a successful season last year.

Hillier praised assistant coach Billy Livingstone for his help.

"Myself and Billy have had offers to go elsewhere," Hillier said. "But we're sticking to our word that we'll try and make it work this year."

Hillier expects players to show their support. "We're trying to rally and a little bit more commitment is needed by some players," the head coach said.

"Hopefully that will happen over the next few weeks to get the club in a position where they can be a stronger, united team for the year."

Passionate footballer Hillier welcomed other help at the club.

"I'm actually filling water bottles, opening and shutting the club, locking up the place, doing administrative things," he said.

"I haven't really been able to solely concentrate 100 percent on my job as a coach."

Spirit's top men's and Reserve grade teams are scheduled to play Pine Hills at 4pm and 6pm tomorrow night at Kippen Park.

"We've got to pull together," Hillier said.

"It has to be a squad effort of 30 players who will play in both teams throughout the year. They have to be united as a group and work hard as a group."

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