Smoking while pregnant: What you said on Facebook

HERE'S what our Facebook readers think of smoking while pregnant ...


Caitlin Burchill: It's really gut-wrenching and unfair for those women - myself included - who try and do the right thing and lose their baby and then women who smoke right through pop one out without any consequence. At the end of the day how can you justify smoking while being pregnant? It's just so morally and ethically wrong. 

Kym Watkins: I myself smoked through my pregnancies. I was told by my doctor not to quit but reduce it so I did. I very rarely smoked in public as to avoid the comments and stares.

Kaitlin Anderson: It's not a myth that it's bad for your baby. It's been proven over and over again. It's pretty selfish to continue when the risk is to your own unborn child, not just yourself. There are so many people out there who can't have children but would love to be able to carry a baby. They would give up anything for it, including smoking.

Robyn Hardiker: It's easy for people to say "just quit while you're pregnant" but unfortunately it isn't (that easy). I was told by my doctor to continue because I was stressing so much about not being able to quit that it was putting my baby at risk by the stress. My doctor just talked me through it and helped me cut back. People don't understand how much it cuts when they make scathing comments to people while pregnant.

Amy Robinson: It is absolutely disgusting. I don't like it one bit. That poor child can't do a thing about it. Mothers who do I think are just plain selfish and only care about their addiction.

Jenny Dwyer: To be really honest I believe that it's nobody's business and pregnant mothers should not be vilified, frowned upon or put down because they do.

Chris Laurie: I disagree with all those saying it is nobody's business. Who speaks for the baby? It is not the mother's right to do that to the unborn child.

Leonie Guy: I gave up smoking eight years ago but I smoked all the way through my pregnancy with my son more than 20 years ago. I always said I would give up if I ever found out I was pregnant but the addiction was too strong and I couldn't break it.

Catt Meow: Addiction is a hard thing to break but it's an addiction or your baby. I gave up smoking when I found out. I relapsed for a couple of weeks due to stress but pulled myself together. In my opinion you chose what you love more.

Nerrisa Flesser: It isn't anyone's business and it's the mother's problem if she does harm to her unborn child by smoking while pregnant. People these days are way too judgmental about others around them.

Jonathan Lucas: You are entitled to all the opinions you want in life, but as soon as your opinions and choices start impacting on other people, particularly a helpless child, it becomes everyone's business.

Christine Baldwin: Meh, I was a full-time smoker and the day I found out I was pregnant I quit smoking. Easy as that.

April Poole: If they want to smoke they will so I don't know why people harp on about it? People do what they want, (they) don't need others to tell them how to run their lives.


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