Buying a pup in Ipswich can yield winning odds

THE Rosewood and Community Bank sponsored Ipswich Magical Puppy Auction has stood the test of time.

The first sale was back in 1987. Pups sold were eligible to contest the sale related race in 1989. That first auction race was won by the Frank Rochford trained Milluna Miss.

The principle of the auction is pretty simple and relatively unchanged since that opening sale and race nearly 30 years ago.

The 2016 sale is on Sunday at the Ipswich Showgrounds from 11am.

Purchase a pup and it will be eligible for the $40,000 to the winner auction race in March, 2018.

Various bonuses are available along the way.

Racetracks don't attract big crowds nowadays. Most people follow racing via Sky television at home or in their pub or club.

No doubt some of those television viewers would be interested in buying and racing a pup but don't do so for a variety of reasons.

These reasons include lack of knowledge of the costs involved, or perhaps a fear of those costs.

So how much should you expect to outlay for a pup to be a chance of winning the auction race series?

Last year's winner Magical Yessam for the Massey family went through the 2014 auction for $1800.

Back in 2008 the winner Elise Odette for Dennis Moore was a $900 purchase.

The highest priced auction race winner in recent years has been 2011 winner Pedro's Thunder for Tom Tzouvelis, a $3000 purchase.

Many potential greyhound owners would not know a trainer, nor the costs involved.

The costs vary. Some trainers charge around $100 a week and a percentage of prizemoney earned. There are some trainers who charge no fee or expenses and train on a 50/50 basis.

That is, half the prizemoney earned goes to the trainer and half to the owner.

In a nutshell, after the initial outlay, a group of people could race a greyhound for, as an old saying goes, not much more than they would spill in a few rounds of drinks at the pub on a Friday afternoon.

Last year's auction contained 233 pups. That means the chances of winning that auction race next year are 233 to 1.

On Sunday, there are 100 puppies in the catalogue so the chances of winning the auction race in 2018 are somewhat better - 100 to 1 to be precise.

World record bid

THE world record for the number of consecutive wins by a greyhound is 36, set by an American dog named Pat C Rendezvous.

Over in New Zealand, the unusually named Swimming Goat has won 18 in a row. So he is half way to the world record.

Swimming Goat started his racing on the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, winning three of his eleven starts for owner-trainer Allan Lang.

The dog is really fast out of the boxes but struggles to run further than 300 metres. Lang sent the dog to New Zealand because they have a lot of races there up to 300 metres.

So why the name?

Lang has a four years old granddaughter who was trying to say the word "Flamingo'' but couldn't pronounce the letters L or F.

So Flamingo became "swaming go'' and after a few drinks, it sounded like Swimming Goat.

Those few drinks were consumed by Lang, not the granddaughter.

Slow progress at Bundamba

IN this column exactly three years ago, I wrote the following words: "Discussions are very much under way to build a greyhound racing facility inside the Bundamba thoroughbred racetrack. Ipswich Greyhound Racing Club president Bob Essex says he is confident greyhound racing will be conducted on a one turn track at Bundamba by the end of next year.

"We are in discussions with Michael Byrne of the Racing Queensland board, the Ipswich Turf Club and government and I'm feeling positive that we will get to Bundamba.''

Essex's prediction for a late 2014 commencement at Bundamba didn't happen.

Ipswich Turf Club chairman Wayne Patch is on the warpath, trying to pin down a commitment from the government for Bundamba's redevelopment which would include a lovely big, safe "one turn'' greyhound track. It is to be hoped that Patch has success in his mission.

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