Innovation Minister Leeanne Enoch.
Innovation Minister Leeanne Enoch. Allan Reinikka ROK211015aforum1

$100K boost to help Ipswich innovation to the next level

TWO businesses are promising to revolutionise their industries with a boost from the Palaszczuk Government's Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas Fund.

Innovation Minister Leeanne Enoch said Laidley cladding firm Streamline Architectural Solutions and Toowoomba's 1300 Web Pro and would each receive $100,000 funding to help take their business innovations to the next level.

Streamline Architectural Solutions - whose products have been used on landmark projects including the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital, Brisbane ferry terminals and the RAAF Amberley headquarters - will further develop and market advanced external cladding as a potential solution for existing hazardous cladding materials installed globally.

Toowoomba business 1300 Web Pro is developing an ingenious electronics package that monitors a commercial refrigerator and its contents, with real time alerts for power outages or temperature variations. The innovation has great potential in the healthcare sector to help safeguard vaccines in pharmacies and medical centres.

The two businesses are among 85 innovative Queensland companies sharing in the latest round of $10 million Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas funding.

Streamline Architectural Solutions Director Richard Lee said securing the grant was crucial to the certification of their fireproof building materials, developed in partnership with Sunshine Coast business MGO Corp (ResCom).

"There is nothing else like our product on the market for new installations or to remedy existing hazardous cladding on residential towers and many other buildings," Mr Lee said.

"The Streamline-ResCom Barrier Wall system is already attracting interest due to its non-combustible components, but we need to go one step further by commencing full scale fire testing to enhance the take up of the product."

Mr Lee said their Queensland designed and manufactured system was an all-in-one product that addressed fire, acoustic, thermal, moisture and impact standards required of Australian buildings.

The Streamline-ResCom system can be used in a variety of cladding materials including timber, high-pressure laminates, and aluminium composites. Construction companies in Toowoomba, Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney are trialling the product.

Minister for Housing and Public Works Mick de Brenni said the issue of flammable cladding caused great concern right across the community.

"It's great to see a Queensland business stepping forward as an early mover in developing and delivering an alternative," Mr de Brenni said.

"Innovations like the Streamline-ResCom system could be a game changer, and I am looking forward to seeing the product develop.

"There's a very real need for a product like this in Australia, and I predict there will be huge interest internationally."

1300 Web Pro Director James Deck said the Ignite Ideas funding would be injected into a pilot study of FridgeBrain in 12 pharmacies and medical centres across Australia.

"FridgeBrain is in a class of its own, automatically recording data from multiple sensors and giving management time to rectify faults before products perish.

"Our innovative product and its application to the vaccine market is unique. There are over 9,600 GP clinics and 4,000 pharmacies in Australia that would benefit from FridgeBrain technology, and we've already had genuine interest in our Queensland product from two overseas markets," he said.

"FridgeBrain technology is incorporated into the best vaccine fridge in the market to ensure a reliable premium product.

"It alerts management in real time, via an email, SMS or automated telephone call, to any issues such as power outages and temperature variations or the door being left open. For example, FridgeBrain would send an alert at 5.30 pm saying the door is ajar, compared with current data loggers that would post an alert much later at 3am saying the temperature exceeded eight degrees - but by then, $30,000 of vaccines have spoiled," Mr Deck said.

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