PROUD OWNER: Bill Piggott at Yamanto Pool and Spa Care.
PROUD OWNER: Bill Piggott at Yamanto Pool and Spa Care. Kate Czerny

Business helps keep city pools sparkling

AS WE start to exchange flannelette for t-shirts with the mercury starting to climb, our attention is turned to summer days by the pool.

Yamanto Pool and Spa Care are well equipped to support local residents with either home care or in-store assistance for everything that you will need for your pool or spa.

According to the Australian Bureau of statistics, 11.7% of Australian households own a swimming pool and it's no surprise to find that the northern states have a higher percentage of pool ownership. Queensland has 17.9% of households owning a pool.

There is a steady increase in pool ownership and with the massive growth in housing across the City of Ipswich Yamanto Pool and Spa Care is well positioned to cater for the existing pools and the many new ones to be established.

Bill and Helen Piggott have been the owners of Yamanto Pool and Spa Care since October 1, 2012.

Before that Mr Piggott worked for the former owners, firstly at the Sumner Park store since 1997 and then as manager of the Yamanto store from 2004.

The former business was placed into liquidation and they decided that they would buy the Yamanto store.

"I knew it very well, I had the management experience and of course knew the customers so it made sense," Mr Piggott said.

"We have a loyal customer base and, of course, when a home sells most times the new owners continue to have us look after their pool.

"I can say that I am seeing some new faces as these people get a pool put in," he said.

While winter is quieter in store, Mr Piggott said that the home service section was kept busy with their regular home maintenance.

"We recommend that during winter people get their pool water checked in store every few weeks, even monthly but certainly weekly during summer."

The business offers a free water test and it provides a comprehensive and yet easy to understand report.

The warmer weather is already bringing customers in to check the pool water condition.

"It is illegal to have a green pool, it breeds mosquitoes and is unhealthy and very heavy on the filter system," he said.

"We do sell the top brands in pool equipment.

"We carry Onga pumps and filters, and also sell Puraflo saltwater chlorinators. There are cheap units out there but they are a false economy as they only last for a short time, where the better quality brands tend to give you four to five years."

In store they have the full range of chemicals, salt, chlorine, pool accessories, and equipment.

"We do have good buying power so we can get a good price for our customers," Mr Piggott said.

In the early days Helen Piggott was more involved in the business. Today she has her hands full with family responsibilities.

Taking care of the home service is Terence Harris and Dan Grieg.

"I do have another staff member coming into the business and he will start in September."

This will be in time for the new season rush.

"It normally kicks in around the end of the Ekka and certainly very busy around the September school holidays."

Mr Piggott said that spas were popular but they tended to deal with the outdoor units.

They sell all of the associated chemicals for the spa.

Because the spa works with warm water it does need to be checked, as it will be more susceptible to bacteria in the water.

"There is a lot of talk about spas but they are not as popular as you might think," Mr Piggott said.

"The last 18 months have been the best over the past six to seven years, so it is good."

The store is located in the popular Yamanto Shopping Village on Warwick Road, Yamanto.

They are open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5pm, Saturday 8.30am to 4pm and Sunday 9am to 2pm. You can check them out on Facebook and also on their website at

They operate a very friendly business and are keen to look after local residents.

The home service is offered to people in Ipswich and surrounding districts.

For more information telephone 3294 0311.

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