BUSY TIMES: A crowd gathers outside the Cribb & Foote Department Store which was in Bell St, Ipswich (c 1900s).
BUSY TIMES: A crowd gathers outside the Cribb & Foote Department Store which was in Bell St, Ipswich (c 1900s). CONTRIBUTED

Times Past: Business booming on Bell St in early Ipswich

IN 1978 Doug Murdoch said he would help his parents out for a few weeks as they needed a manager for their restaurant.

Fortunately Doug was available. By 1997 Doug was not only the manager, but the owner of the Bodega Restaurant at 43 Brisbane Rd, East Ipswich.

The Bodega originated following Doug's parents purchase of a general store on Brisbane Rd in 1966.

Mr and Mrs Murdoch transformed the shop into a wholesale wine market, which proved very successful.

In 1973 it seemed a natural progression for the Murdochs, who had come from a hotel background, to set up a restaurant next door to the wine market.

The restaurant theme was Spanish and the Bodega served a variety of international cuisine.

A large portion of the restaurants business was in special functions such as weddings, business meetings etc.

I'm sure many Ipswichians will remember the excellent food and service supplied and the happy atmosphere of this very special place.




Bell St, Limestone (Ipswich) in the 1840s was a very busy street as it led to the wharves where shipping brought goods from Brisbane and goods from Ipswich were loaded for the return trip.

Therefore many businesses were opened in Bell St and what a variety of shops it contained.

Some of those named were: Benjamin Cribb (store keeper), Mr Richard Gill (post office stores), Mr George Holt (baker), Messrs Alex Stewart & Sons (shirt factory), Mr Charles Warry (chemist) and William Sparkes (tailer).



The Old Aberdare Colliery was situated in the heart of Blackstone and was on the same position as the old Borehole mine.

Operations commenced by a new company in about 1922. This company was known as the Old Aberdare Colliery Limited and Mr W Binnie had control of the operations and was registered as manager.

Other partners were Messrs T B Cribb and J E Walker.

Mr W Binnie was an old identity in the Ipswich district mining circles and had started mining as a young man in control of Swanbank Colliery; later he was appointed Manager of Blackheath Colliery.

He then went to what became known as Noblevale No. 1 and was associated with the installation of the first cleaning plants established in the district at Blackheath and Noblevale No. 1.

Mr Binnie spent some time at the Ipswich City Colliery at West Ipswich but later returned to the Noblevale Colliery as manager when Mr a Lawrie left the service of this pit and Mr Binnie was appointed Superintendent, a position he held for seven years.

At the end of the seven years Mr W Binnie started operations at the Old Aberdare as one of the proprietors.



Tenders were called on August 8, 1867 for the erection of a Temperance Hall - labour only and persons interested were invited to apply to W Sanders, ironmonger, Brisbane St, Ipswich.

The building was opened on November 12, 1867 at the cnr West and Darling Sts and was the first building of its kind to have been erected in Queensland.

The land had been granted to the society by the government. It was reported that the Temperance Society had been established in Ipswich in 1863.



The clipper ship Flying Cloud brought to Australia in 1869 a consignment of English blackbirds, thrushes, rooks, starlings and sparrows. Considering that there was an insufficient supply of proper food placed on board in England for the birds, it was surprising how few of the birds died in transit. These winged immigrants were delivered to the Queensland acclimatisation Society.



On January 21, 1871 Ipswichians were notified that "the inhabitants of the various districts throughout the Colony are invited to nominate Trustees for the purpose of assisting the Government in the expenditure of moneys granted by Government of the construction and maintenance of their respective roads and bridges".

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