Bushfire devastates back up paddocks, spares house

LEFTHAND Branch epitomises the idea we are a land of fire and flood.

Just over six years ago, Trevor and Dell Shaw spent two-and-a-half weeks trapped on their Lefthand Branch property during the 2013 floods.

Now, their mending more than 3 kms of fences after fire swept out of the neighbouring Glen Rock National Park and onto their grazing land.

“It came in from the Cole Gully side of the national park, through our property and went out the other side,” Trevor said.

The fire initially started in late September from a lightening strike, and continued to burn in inaccessible terrain before breaking out onto private property.

Trevor said it had been ominous watching the fire slowly approach.

“You could see it way back in the distance,” he said.

“We were told about it about a week before it got here.”

The fire burned on the Shaws’ property for more than two days.

“It wasn’t a quick fire, it was a nice slow burning one,” he said.

Despite the threat, Trevor said the couple hadn’t been concerned as they had prepared well for the fire season.

“We had the spray tank on the back of the tractor, we knew the firies were here,” he said.

“We were as prepared as you could be. There was nothing else you could do.”

He commended the work of the fire crews who work tirelessly to bring the fire under control.

The Shaws run 80-plus head of cattle on their properties during a good season, but have had to cut back in the dry.

Much of the land lost to the fire was the couples back up grazing land for the cattle.

Luckily though, the herd was well away from the flames.

“They’re smart, they know to go the other way,” Trevor said.

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