Bureau warns stormy weather is returning

DON'T put the umbrella and gumboots away just yet; more storms are on their way.

Meteorologists have warned residents of the south-east corner to prepare for another day of storms tomorrow.

While they aren't predicted to be of the same scale or as widespread as the storms on the weekend, flash flooding, hail and damaging winds remain possible.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Ben Campbell said isolated showers and thunderstorms were predicted.

"It's not going to be anything like Saturday and Sunday," he said.

"This is the time of year when storms can become severe though.

"Damaging winds are possible, but hail is unlikely.

"We're predicting isolated showers and some thunderstorms across in the south-east."

Weatherzone meteorologist Ben Domensino said a trough of low pressure moving from the west would create instability.

"There is a risk of isolated storms on Thursday afternoon," he said.

"They're not likely to be as unstable as it was on the weekend in the south-east though."

Mr Domensino said residents of Ipswich should be aware the storms could still be severe and include hail, heavy rain and damaging winds.

"The risk of damaging winds above 90kmh can't be ruled out.

"There is a low to moderate risk of flash flooding, mainly by the storm being slow moving.

"There is also potential for hail, but it's unlikely to be on the same scale as on the weekend."

SES Ipswich area controller Arie van den Ende said it was important people heed warnings and prepared for storms this summer.

"People should check their roofs for cracked tiles as well as blocked gutters and downpipes," he said.

"We got 41 jobs over the weekend and 38 of them needed a bit of householder maintenance.

"Otherwise people should make sure torches are working and listen to the radio for warnings."

The SES can be contacted in the case of flooding or storm damage on 132500.


  • Saturday and Sunday's storms saw more than 3000 people across the Ipswich region lose power.
  • More than 100,000 lightning strikes were recorded by Energex across the south-east, while wind gusts between 90 and 100kmh were recorded.

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