Bungling getaway driver crashed girlfriend’s car

A MIDNIGHT armed robbery was bungled when the getaway driver crashed the car he had borrowed off his girlfriend to complete the heist.

An Ipswich court this week heard the four offenders didn't even get their hands on the cash they were chasing, with police finding a locked cash register with all the money still inside when they arrived at the crash scene.

Failed getaway driver Jarrod Conlon and his mates were arrested within a day of the offence.

Appearing in the dock of Ipswich District Court for sentence, Jarrod William Conlon, 25, from Inala, pleaded guilty to robbery while armed with a gun, with violence and in company at Springfield on February 25 last year. He also pleaded guilty to charges of attempted robbery, using violence with intent to steal (from a man aged 71); and unlawful possession of the dangerous drugs methylamphetamine and cannabis at Inala on February 26.

Conlon was sentenced on the basis of being a co-offender who remained in the car outside the premises.

One of his co-accused who the court heard played a more active role, Craig Linford Brian Egert, 28, from Inala, was sentenced in February to a 4½ year jail term for the offence, along with being sentenced for other unrelated offences.

Crown prosecutor Victoria Adams said Conlon drove three males to a tavern at Springfield and three went inside, including one armed with a handgun, and the other lad wielding a hammer.

Two of them jumped the counter and grabbed the cash register that held $978.

An elderly man aged 71 who was playing a poker machine heard the commotion and came to check.

A gun was pointed in his face, and he was told to get out of the way.

Ms Adams said one of the males tried to take a satchel that was worn across his shoulders, and one of them also punched him in the chest.

The three offenders fled back to the waiting car with the cash register but not the man's satchel.

The getaway car crashed about eight kilometres away and police were called to the scene.

Ms Adams said the cash register and a backpack with the gun, shoes and clothes inside were found near the accident scene.

Ms Adams said Conlon could declare six months already spent in custody for these offences, but another 135 days spent in custody on new unrelated charges now before Brisbane District Court could not be declared.

The Crown prosecution sought a jail term of two years.

Defence barrister Carl Martinovic said Conlon was aged 24 at the time and was a father of five children to three different women.

Mr Martinovic outlined Conlon's background as being "prejudicial" and that his behaviours likely contributed to his poor IQ.

The court heard Conlong was chroming in his childhood, and sniffing paint and petrol which impacted on his memory and capacity.

"He never had proper role models in his life," Mr Martinovic said.

"There was violence, and he became desensitised to it.

"He had been ingesting large amounts of ice, and it really was a haze of ice addiction.

"He participated in the offending without realising the gravity of it."

Mr Martinovic said there was "no suggestion" that Conlon saw the weapons, or knew at the time that the other males had weapons when they left the car.

He said a report before the court stated that Conlon had good prospects of rehabilitation if he could keep off illicit substances.

Judge Dennis Lynch QC read out more of the agreed Crown facts, saying that after the crash, Conlon arrived back at his girlfriend's house at 1am.

He was upset, hot, sweaty, wore no shirt and had been holding a pair of shorts and a T-shirt.

She drove him home in her mother's car, with Conlon saying to her "this is bad", and telling her that he had crashed her car and that she should report it stolen.

After reading detailed reports on Conlon, Judge Lynch noted that he began smoking cigarettes at eight, cannabis at 12, then inhalants and ice from the age of 17.

Judge Lynch sentenced Conlon to a two year jail term, ordering him to serve one-third.

With six months declared as time already served he will receive parole on the charges on September 12.

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