NRL chief operating officer Nick Weeks.
NRL chief operating officer Nick Weeks. JOEL CARRETT

Bulldogs, Raiders fined for breaching salary cap

THE Bulldogs and Raiders have both been fined by the NRL over salary cap breaches carried out during the 2016 season.

NRL chief operating officer Nick Weeks handed down the fines on Tuesday, saying the breaches were at the lower end of the scale but would still result in financial penalties for the clubs involved.

The Raiders were found to have breached the salary cap by $10,691 in 2016 after infractions with the second tier cap ($2598) and the NYC top 20 cap ($8093).

The Raiders will have to cough up 150% of their breach amount ($16,037), with Weeks saying the club had a poor record of compliance with the salary cap rules, having recorded breaches in five of the past six years.

The Raiders have also been fined $68,073 for breaches of the NRL ($1622) and NYC ($66,451) caps in 2015.

Raiders CEO Don Furner said the club accepted the NRL's punishment.

"Due to changes to the club's rosters during this period and injuries which forced squad changes, the club was forced to make some unplanned player movements which have forced minor breaches of the salary cap,” he said.

"The Raiders continue to work with the NRL to effectively manage the salary cap in accordance with the rules and regulations.

"It's unfortunate that we've had to endure these fines, but the club accepts the NRL decision regarding these breaches.”

The Bulldogs' breach of the cap in 2016 was far more substantial, going over the NRL cap by $81,965.

Weeks said the Bulldogs would only be fined 75% of the breach amount ($61,474) because the club had self-reported the issue and upgraded its governance structure.

Weeks said the clubs had five business days to request that the NRL Appeals Committee review the determinations.

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