The brutally honest truth of why I hate Mother's Day

MOTHER'S Day is a day for celebrating, but for me, it is a day I dread every year.

If how your children treat you is a reflection of how you are doing as a mum, then I am failing.

On Sunday, my children would have rather have been skating with their friends or socialising on Snap Chat than spending the day reflecting on me as a mother. Yes I received obligatory gifts and cards thrown at me on their way past, but absent of any heartfelt giving.

Yes I was taken out for a lovely brunch delivered with deliberate moaning and whinging of how long it was taking.

A simple 'I love you Mum,' never came...


Then to top off a perfectly hurtful day, there was a huge fight over where they were sitting for dinner tonight and instead of sitting down as a family, some of us went our separate ways.

Those words I yearn to hear, 'Mum, you're the best' or 'I'm so glad I have you as my Mum' or 'You're a SuperMum' or 'I appreciate everything you do for me' or a simple 'I love you Mum,' never came.

After sacrificing so much of my life and time, spending enormous amounts of energy giving birth and raising my children, after giving up anything to be with my cherubs when they've needed me, today I feel like my heart is broken. Some days I wonder if it is all worth it.

So if how my children treat me is a direct reflection of how I am doing as a Mum, I am failing dismally.

** Deanne Stock is a Sunshine Coast mother of two and also a star in Australian Regional Media's latest series Hey Mumma - launching June 6. 

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