Sara Puhto is a 23-year-old blogger from Finland.
Sara Puhto is a 23-year-old blogger from Finland.

Brutal reality behind woman’s booty pic

A body-positivity blogger from Finland is debunking the myth of the "perfect" Instagram photo.

Sara Puhto, 23, is poking fun at social media's impossibly flawless standard in a series of Instagram photos, which she started doing as early as 2018.

In a side-by-side image, Puhto demonstrates what's considered the "perfect" Instagram snap versus how she looks in real life.

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Sara Puhto showed what’s considered the ‘perfect’ Instagram snap versus how she looks in real life. Picture: Instagram.
Sara Puhto showed what’s considered the ‘perfect’ Instagram snap versus how she looks in real life. Picture: Instagram.

On the left, she poses perfectly on a subtle, modelesque angle to accentuate her curves - stomach sucked in, buttocks poked out. On the right, however, Puhto stands upright with her head to the sky as she smiles and allows her tummy to stick out naturally.

"In photos I constantly suck in my tummy or try and hide it and stick out my booty as much as possible. But why?" she captioned the photo.

"We're constantly flooded with photos of 'perfection' on social media and see advertisements about ways to change your body to fit a certain idealised body trend."

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Sara Puhto is a 23-year-old from Finland.
Sara Puhto is a 23-year-old from Finland.

Rather than striving for perfection, she encouraged her 319,000 followers to learn to accept the skin they're in.

"We constantly work on changing our bodies, but why don't we focus more on changing the way we look at our bodies," Puhto wrote.

"Don't focus on negativity, focus on accepting and loving what you dislike about yourself. You have this body and it allows you to live life."

"We should all allow ourselves to experience life to the fullest without the fear of judgment about our bodies, by ourselves or by others," she added.


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Negative thoughts 🌿 Whenever I went to the beach or a pool, I would suck in and sit really unnaturally to make myself look as small as possible because I was insecure about my tummy because I thought it was “too big”. I would think that if I worked out enough or ate healthy enough that I would just start feeling better about how I looked. The truth is, when I worked out and ate healthy I just kept thinking I need to do more and what I was doing wasn’t enough. I only started feeling comfortable in my skin when I realized everyone had these thoughts. Everyone has insecurities. Most people suck in their tummies, flex constantly or sit in an uncomfortable way or hide their insecurities to make themselves “look better”. But there is nothing wrong or unnatural about how we look without these things. Our relaxed bodies are normal, they look good!!! We should all just slowly start flaunting our insecurities. Because the more people that sit without sucking in their tummies, or start posting photos of themselves not sucking in/flexing, we can start becoming comfortable with the idea that our bodies are actually completely fine and beautiful the way they are. Next time you’re in a bikini or in swimming shorts, just relax your body, don’t worry about how you look!!! You could be helping someone else who is insecure by relaxing your body and helping them realise that they shouldn’t care about what other people think either! The thing that needs changing is the way we view our bodies and insecurities!! 🌴☀️ ------------------------------------------ . . . #bikinibody #bikiniready #instagramvsreality #noshameinmygame

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Fear of judgement 🌿 I haven’t been posting lately due to being in a negative headspace which has caused me to fear posting. I’ve lost a lot of my self confidence and finally decided it’s time to start gaining it back. I’m used to posting Instagram vs reality posts and not just the reality. It gave me a sense of security to have the “Instagram” version of me next to the reality one. So today I’m just posting the reality. As a kid I sang in a talent show on a cruise. I went up there, I didn’t feel nervous, I didn’t care what others thought because I was doing what made me happy. Society has a way of breaking us down and causes us to fear judgement and doubt ourselves. Our inner child is still in us somewhere. We have to manifest that carelessness and that happiness. We go about life like tomorrow is guaranteed. We take our bodies for granted and get fixated on our insecurities and forget simple things like appreciating our bodies for being able to walk, run and dance. We judge our bodies for not looking a certain way. I’m not saying you’re wrong for having insecurities. I want to remind you to think about this the next time you feel completely down about yourself. Everyone has insecurities and it’s completely normal. We just can’t let them make us doubt everything about ourselves. Working on yourself and self love is like starting a grueling project at work or school, you think about the end product and how horrible the work load will be and how much you don’t want to do it. Rather than dwelling on the negatives, break it down and create a plan for how to achieve it, work on it and dont completely break yourself down when it doesnt go exactly according to plan. Work around it, fix it. Don’t give up You are a constant work in progress and you can fix whatever you don’t like in your life. This is me taking my first step to gaining back my self confidence. You are a person. You are valid. You are amazing and capable of more than you think. ------------------------------------------ Photos by: @ritapuhtophotography 🌿 . . . #mentalhealthawareness #effyourbeautystandards #lovewhoyouare #beconfident #iambeautiful #flawsandall #bodypositive #nobodyshame

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Puhto's followers praised her for exposing social media's dangerous beauty standards and having the courage to show her real self.

"You're beautiful and amazing. You should be proud of the message you are sending and actively changing unhealthy ideals," one Instagram user commented.

"Your posts have helped me out so much," another person said. "I always beat myself up for being bloated,"

Yet another follower added, "You're the reason I love my own body."

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