LETTERS: Broncos start time is bad news to loyal fans

TONY Durkin's article in Monday's QT is spot on and, hopefully will be noticed by the powers that be.

I'm sure that season ticket holders will be having second thoughts about purchasing a ticket for 2016 if Broncos games are going to be scheduled for a 6pm start on a Friday night.

Unfortunately I have just renewed my 2016 season ticket but I'm beginning to regret doing so if games are to begin at that time.

For those living in the outer area of Brisbane, including Ipswich, it is difficult enough to arrive for a 7.30pm game and a 6pm game would be impossible.

Although it is not a problem for me personally, it most certainly will be for any person who doesn't get away from work until 5pm or later.

There's no doubt the games would be held in an almost deserted stadium and the Broncos would risk becoming another NRL team that is in financial difficulties because of the loss of patronage at the games.

One has to wonder just what the Australian Rugby League Commission members actually do if they are to approve of such a ridiculous idea.

Of course it all comes down to advertising money for the TV channels and has nothing to do with the actual game of rugby league, the clubs or supporters.

A perfect example of 'advertising' was, as Tony Durkin mentioned, the replayed second Friday night game on channel 9.

There are now multiple channels available to the free-to-air TV networks and, as also mentioned, surely viewers can be given the choice of which 7.30pm game they desire to watch.

DOUG MOSES, East Ipswich


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