Readers not happy with broadband services across the region

ALMOST half of our readers voting online rated broadband coverage in their area as "poor".

Readers also reacted to our story in Tuesday's paper on the new Augustine Heights veterinary hospital unable to get phone or internet services from Telstra with their own horror stories.

North Booval appears to be another area caught in a tug-of-war between NBN and Telstra.

Leah Gibson from North Booval said they had to wait for the promised NBN rollout.

"No internet provider will even connect us because NBN is meant to be in. It was to be connected by early May, but it's not so we are stuck with nothing," she said.

Julie-Anne Pashley from Booval said Telstra told them their internet was too slow for Foxtel through their T-box.

"Telstra said our internet is too slow and need ADSL2," she said.

"I reminded Telstra that we are paying for ADSL2. After seven seconds of awkward silence, Telstra's response was 'Oh then the issue is with your exchange'."

Bec Mallaburn at North Booval said her internet was slow and the home phone worked "maybe four days a month".

"I have tried to get it fixed for eight months. Telstra said there is nothing wrong."

Amy Hicks also at North Booval said internet service was frustrating.

"As soon as I step through my front gate it's basically nil until I leave again."

Lesley Roberts from Ironbark said the country areas of Ipswich seemed to be overlooked.

"We're still on wireless, broadband or dial up.

"We're still within the Ipswich City Council boundaries, it's not like we're west of the black stump here."

Sharon Racine of Mutdapilly said they had to wait for the NBN rollout, originally promised to bring broadband to rural areas as a priority.

"I was on the waiting list for years to get the local exchange upgraded to ADSL at Mutdapilly only to be told that Telstra is no longer upgrading any exchanges due to the NBN coming.

"The only internet we can get out here is mobile internet and we pay a fortune for it too."

Jane Tyler said while she gets good reception at Churchill, her mother at Basin Pocket faced problems.

"My mum lives in Basin Pocket. The only internet that gets full coverage is Telstra, you can't even get reception if it's anything else."

Maureen Clifford at Basin Pocket also had poor internet connection.

"It drops out fairly frequently, at least a few times every day."

However Melissa Suttie said she her internet connection at Basin Pocket was "good".

Coralee Hiesler from Karalee area said it was frustrating .

"There are pockets where you can get ADSL2 and one street away, where we live, nope, good old dongle for us.

The phone reception is not great either."

Paul Smart from Raceview had the same issue.

"It was supposed to start in my area in 2011 but now it's nowhere to be seen."


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