EMERGE'S Calen Le Couteur recently caught up with Roo Corrinne from Brisbane's two-piece ROO to talk about their latest EP 'Bansidhe' and what they've got in store for a big finish to the year.

C: When did work first begin on the 'Bansidhe' EP?

R: We started the EP at the end of last year, we took a break from the 'Bansidhe' EP to release a live EP with SAE. Then our equipment broke so we had a bit of time in between. It took a while to complete.

C: How is this EP different from previous material?

This EP uses different instrumentation, there's a lot of electronic sounds that we created ourselves, then there's keyboards and vocals. Dean only features in one song playing an instrument but we did most of the production work together so it was a completely different approach to usual.

C: Was the writing process much different for this EP?

R: Yeah it was, most of the songs were actually written along time ago and sort of reworked recently. Coma is the only completely new song on the EP, the others were previously written. It was touching on some older stuff.

C: Personal favourite from 'Bansidhe'?

R: I really like the song Coma, only because it was so fun to make that song. It reminds me a lot of the time I spent doing work with choirs when I was younger. There's no quick track or bass note, it's just me singing with myself. It felt a lot more free than the other songs.

C: Any other genres you're keen to experiment with as ROO?

R: We are working on some new songs for an EP, we are actually going to a studio. We're all done with doing work ourselves in the dungeon; we are going to let the professionals handle it. The songs that are going to be on that EP are a lot heavier, there's one with a blues influence, there's a rap section, which is a little bizarre. I'm sort of rapping in it, it's sort of just talking rhythmically more than anything. There's also a track that Dean wrote, he's a really brilliant songwriter and I'm been trying to get him to let us play one of his songs. That one has a bit of a folk influence; there are a few different styles on the next EP but a bit heavier overall.

C: You recently launched the EP @ The Zoo with some great local bands, how was that gig?

R: That was an awesome night! That was for Vincent & Jules and Music Is My Muse's Second Birthday, we played with Chief Weapon, Rude Rum, and Cheyne Starkie. It was a mixed line up but all bands were so energetic, passionate and gave brilliant performances.

C: What are you looking forward to in the second half of 2017?

R: We've got a fair few shows, which we're excited about, we're playing with some really different but cool bands like Mayhem For Mary, King Social, Fragile, The Counterfeit Umbrellas so we've got some awesome shows coming up and we're also looking forward to releasing the next EP, we're calling it 'Little Battle Maiden'. We've been working on getting the songs really tight so we can just got into the studio and really smash them out. I'm not sure exactly when we'll be recording but hopefully at the end of the year.

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