CARING: Bobbi Dingle and ‘Georgie’ ready to help those in need.
CARING: Bobbi Dingle and ‘Georgie’ ready to help those in need. Ali Kuchel

Helping disabled ride brings Bobbi happiness

MEET Bobbi Dingle, she's a carer and volunteer with Lockyer Valley Riding For Disabled.

Occupation: Stay-at-home mum/carer.

Position with LVRDA: Secretary and general helper.

What do you enjoy most about working with LVRDA? Watching the smiles on the faces of everyone that comes to our club and the getting to be part of their daily life and achievements.

Why did you decide to get involved with the group? It started when my youngest became a rider at the club about three years ago, I became friends with the guys and started going to meetings just to help out and then was nominated as secretary, and here I am today.

How has being part of the association changed the way you look at the world? I look back at my ignorance towards people with disabilities and remember thinking that some people didn't look like they had disabilities and wondered what could be wrong with them. When I became involved more I realised that not all disabilities are seen and to not judge people. To them it's not a disability, it's just a hurdle to get over and if I can help with that I will try my best. And we all have hurdles to conquer at some point.

What is your greatest accomplishment in life: Because our children have disabilities themselves, my husband and I have spent time teaching them to be independent in what they do and to respect themselves and others. They have great friends within our club and school and do their best at life. I know that they will be okay.

Have you ever met anyone famous, who and when? I have met many famous people and have autographs to go with them. I have worked for Don Burke from Burke's Backyard, and I went to school with Keith Urban, we still chat occasionally, most of my meetings have been country music stars. My family think I'm lucky to meet them, I just think right time, right place.

What's the best advice you've ever received? When I worked in Toowoomba an elderly gentlemen asked if I was a parent. When I said yes, he told me that I should pick one note - $5 or $10 - and don't spend it. Put it away each time you get one, do this for a year and then spend that on yourself at the end of the year, not on anyone else. I found out later that he was a wealthy man and to this day I still do it and it's a great surprise at Christmas of how much you have to spend.

What is your happiest memory? Showing cattle with my father and sister, and from there entering showgirl and breed hostesses and some big shows. And getting married too would be a happy memory.

What is your favourite hobby and why? I don't have a hobby as such, but I would say 4WDing camping and riding with friends and my family would be my favourite things to do.

What is the one thing you would like to change in the world? That everyone stop fighting and being so discriminative, it seems that we can't do things like we used to as we may offend someone, but that's the way we have been for years and now it's wrong Go figure. I believe we need to lighten up and live life before it's too late.

What is the biggest challenge you have ever faced? Having my second son, he was a premmie and we were told to expect the worst or severe disabilities - that took a lot out of me, he has turned out to be an exceptional young man.

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