Springfield pastor to run for state seat of Jordan

Pastor Phil Cutcliffe officially announced his intention to run for the seat of Jordan during a radio interview today at USQ's Phoenix Media Hub.
Pastor Phil Cutcliffe officially announced his intention to run for the seat of Jordan during a radio interview today at USQ's Phoenix Media Hub. Myjanne Jensen

BREAKING: HE'S known as a selfless, big-hearted man and now one popular Springfield pastor will take his love for the community to the next level by running in the next state election for the seat of Jordan.

Springfield Christian Family pastor and founder Phil Cutcliffe officially announced his intention to run as an independent candidate for the seat of Jordan as part of radio interview at USQ today.

Pastor Cutcliffe is one of Springfield's original residents and has served the community both through his church and work through his community centre, Westside Community Care for more than 20 years and said it was time to take the next step in his service to the people.

"My role at Westside Community Care is all about loving the community unconditionally and by doing this I'm just widening the level of support for the community care for the Jordan area," Ps Cutcliffe said.

"This is a fairly young area and there's still not a lot of infrastructure so if we can grow the community groups and provide underground infrastructure then I'd love to see the council support us and I can work with them as part of the state government to get things done.

"I've always been accused of sticking up too much for the underdog, but I will always fight for everyone to have a fair go and even though I will run as an independent, I don't want to be anti-party and want to be there to be their servant as well."

Pastor Cutcliffe said his main priorities for the community would be to focus on infrastructure, transport, power prices and the ability to speak openly about difficult subjects.

"In terms of infrastructure the Centenary Motorway interchange is a major issue which affects thousands of people every day, as well as transport out and around New Beith and Greenbank," Ps Cutcliffe said.

"I'd also like to see a more localised fire station because if there's a major disaster, they just can't get through. I also want to lobby to the power companies to reduce prices, particularly for the elderly and retirees.

"Finally I'm very much for family values and want to be able to hold constructive, friendly discussions around difficult or controversial topics like the Safe Schools program so that we can achieve a happy outcome for all."

Pastor Cutcliffe intends to hold a regular interest meeting dinner and flash fundraiser for people to contribute to, with one of the upcoming dinners to feature former independent Gladstone MP, Liz Cunningham as the guest speaker.

The Queensland State Election is yet to be called.

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