What we know

  • Paul Pisasale has resigned
  • Cr Tully will to take over as acting mayor
  • The Mayor and CEO cancelled a trip to the US for the Smart City Awards, councillor Cheryl Bromage went instead
  • The Mayor is in hospital at St Andrew's
  • Cr Tully confirmed authorities yesterday raided council offices and Cr Pisasale's home


>>Paul Pisasale explains his sudden resignation as mayor

>>LEAKED EMAIL: Council staff told not to expect 'upheaval'

>>WHAT NEXT: How Ipswich will elect a new mayor

>>SHOCK: Ipswich reacts to Pisasale's resignation


NEWLY-appointed acting Ipswich Mayor Paul Tully confirmed police were at council yesterday on behalf of the CCC.

He said that, as he understood it, they had raided former Mayor Paul Pisasale's house yesterday.

Cr Tully said whatever the issues were, he did not believe they affected the council itself.

"I understand this is a separate matter to CCC's Operation Belcarra, that was about election funding,' he said.

"It has come as a major shock to councillors that the mayor is gone. We hope he can get on with life and enjoy retirement."

A by-election will be held within three months.


AN EMOTIONAL Paul Pisasale has announced he will no longer be Ipswich mayor.

Mr Pisasale made the announcement at a press conference in the board room at St Andrew's Private Hospital while wearing his red pyjama pants and socks.


Mr Pisasale is no longer an elected official and a by-election will be held to fill his place.

He said he had suffered a recent MS attack and indicated that his reason for stepping down was health related.

The QT understands there is an active investigation into Mr Pisasale involving the Australian Federal Police.

When questioned about an impending announcement from the CCC Mr Pisasale said he was not aware of any upcoming statement.


THE Mayor has resigned.

Dressed in a hospital robe and slippers at St Andrew's in Ipswich Cr Pisasale confirmed to the media.

Cr Paul Tully will step in as acting mayor and is addressing the media.


A MAJOR announcement is expected from the Ipswich City Council today involving the Mayor.

The QT understands the Australian Federal Police is involved and that authorities yesterday raided several locations, including council offices and Cr Pisasale's home.

Mayor Paul Pisasale is hospitalised at St Andrews Private Hospital and will speak at 10am.

The QT is aware some council staff are under the impression that after today the mayor will no longer be in the role as the city's leader.  

It is expected Deputy Mayor Paul Tully will step in.

More recently, Cr Pisasale fronted a Crime and Corruption Commission hearing as part of the watchdog's investigation into the Ipswich, Gold Coast and Moreton Bay council elections. 

The Courier Mail reports a fresh investigation into Cr Pisasale has been launched and a developer is also likely to be questioned as part of the probe.

There were rumours circulating the police attended the council chambers late yesterday afternoon.

But both Brisbane and Ipswich police said they had no jobs logged to the chambers. 

Councillors were briefed about the unfolding situation this morning.

Mayor Pisasale was first elected to the council in March 1991 and appointed deputy mayor in April 2000.

He has served four terms as mayor since 2004 and was the state's most popular mayor in the 2016 elections.

Mayor Paul Pisasale after the 2004 council elections.
Mayor Paul Pisasale after the 2004 council elections.

TIMELINE: Paul Pisasale's career

  • March 1991: Paul Pisasale was first elected to the council
  • April 2000: He was appointed deputy mayor
  • March 2004: He was elected as Mayor
  • March 2016: In the 2016 local government elections Paul Pisasale polled higher than any other Queensland Mayor with more than 83% of the vote
  • April 2017: Cr Paul Tully was elected as deputy mayor under Cr Pisasale
  • April 2017: Cr Pisasale fronts CCC hearing

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