Ipswich council elect new deputy mayor, thank Tully

IPSWICH officially has a new deputy mayor.

Today Councillor Paul Tully's position as the mayor's right hand man was declared vacant and Cr Wayne Wendt appointed.

Cr Wendt is the former Ipswich Jets CEO and the former state MP for Ipswich West.

He was elected to the council at the 2016 elections and holds division 5.

At this morning's meeting, Cr Wendt said when he was elected 18 months ago, he had no intention of stepping into the deputy mayor's position.

"As you know Mr Mayor I support you 100% and will be doing my best to ensure you maintain your mandate and that council does the right thing by its residents, its workforce and of course its businesses," Cr Wendt said.

Councillors Antoniolli and David Morrison took the opportunity to express their thanks to Cr Tully for his service as Acting Mayor during this difficult period.

Cr Wendt also made a point of thanking Cr Tully.

"He and I are great friends and I appreciate his candour and support," Cr Wendt said, of Cr Tully.

While councillor Tully's resignation was formally tabled today, the council says it was handed to then CEO Jim Lindsay on September 4.

Cr Antoniolli did not reveal this information publicly until last week.

Cr Wendt was selected the new deputy mayor with unanimous support from his colleagues.

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