Break-in ends in breakdown

AN IPSWICH man smashed his way into a spare parts business and fled with a car in an apparent "professional" robbery.

Brent Anthony Taylor, 23, broke into Ipswich Spare Parts about 3am on December 13 and stole a white Holden Apollo.

Afraid he might be caught, Taylor started the engine and turned it off again, waiting to see if anyone came to investigate.

When he knew he was in the clear he drove away, but broke down at Pine Mountain so rolled the car into bushland to hide it.

Police interviewed him on January 18 and he admitted to breaking in to steal parts for his Holden Commodore. When he couldn't find the parts he decided to steal the car instead.

Magistrate Michael Quinn said there were elements of professionalism in the offence.

Mr Quinn said by starting and then turning off the vehicle, Taylor was "testing the water".

He pleaded guilty to entering a premises with intent, wilful damage and unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

Taylor was sentenced to three months prison, suspended for 12 months, fined $500 and ordered to pay $1420 restitution.

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