Brassall school affected by floods

THE devastation that floods have caused to the passionate Brassall State School community is still hard to fathom.

The large Brassall primary school, perched next to the Mihi Creek on the corner of Pine Mountain Road and Hunter Street, was left covered in silt, garbage and driftwood and stinking after the water receded.

Some buildings were submerged up to the ceilings, others were only up to the windows, while only one block was high enough to escape any damage.

During a clean-up operation that matched the intensity of the waters that destroyed the school, school principal Peter Doyle said there was only one way to approach such a task.

“It’s a day-by-day process at the moment,” he said.

“We are just cleaning out the buildings so that we can rip up the carpet and clean them.”

What could only be described as a small army of volunteers and builders was at the school yesterday; hosing, shovelling, brooming and chucking in a seemingly endless task.

While they knew a flood was coming, Mr Doyle said nobody could have predicted the effect it would have on his school.

“The whole community is devastated,” he said.

“The clean-up began (Thursday) about 9.30am and went until about 9.30 at night and people have been here since 6am (Friday).

“I’m estimating there are 30 or 40 parents, teachers, teacher aides, cleaners, RAAF personnel and Q-Build workers.

“We’re soldiering on – because we’re Brassall boys and girls.”

A good indicator of the effect the flood will have on students was the sight of more than 65,000 books lying in a massive, soggy pile in the hot sun, waiting to be picked up by a bobcat and tossed away for good.

Teacher librarian Nikki Browning said it was enough to make a person cry.

“There is so much there that is not replaceable, that has been built up over the years to suit particular subject areas within the school,” she said.

“I’m not sure about the first step because I haven’t been through something like this before.”

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