UPDATE 3.30PM: The Brunswick Hotel bottle shop worker who fought off two armed men last week has described the moment he caught the would-be thieves digging into the cash register.

When one of the men told him it was an armed robbery, Jacob Jordan said he "just sort of obliged and threw him around a little bit".

"I threw him up onto the bench, pulled him straight back down and he got out of here real quick," he said.


INITIAL: LOOKING back over footage of two men trying to rob his bottle shop, Jacob Jordan couldn't help laughing.

It's not the reaction you'd expect from someone who fought off two armed bandits, but it was the only way the Rockhampton man could respond to the attempted robbery he described as "a bit of a shambles".

It was 45 minutes before knock-off and Jacob was starting to shut the Brunswick Hotel's bottle shop when the two men wearing hoodies jumped the counter and tried to raid the cash register last Tuesday.

CCTV footage shows Jacob, who had been in the store room, jumped into action as soon as he saw the men.

He's become an overnight celebrity after the video made national news on Monday.

"I came around the corner and there was a bloke up on the counter, reaching for the till and there was one behind the counter. I said 'what the f***'," Jacob said last week.

One of the men fled immediately, something which still makes Jacob laugh.

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"He wasn't hanging around," Jacob said.

"It just goes to show they just weren't at all prepared to use anything, they just thought they'd get away with it.

"Unfortunately it was not to be."

The footage shows Jacob fighting with the second armed man, who attempted to jump the counter only to be pulled to the ground by the bottle shop attendant.

The man, wearing a black hoodie with a white pattern and long white track pants, then jumps a fence before fleeing.


CCTV footage Brunswick Hotel.Photo Contributed
CCTV footage Brunswick Hotel.Photo Contributed Contributed ROK160816cctvbrunswi

A week on and Jacob is "still very happy" he stood up to the would-be robbers.

"I wouldn't change it," he said.

"There's not too much that really gets to me, but I don't like being threatened.

"I'm glad I got out okay."

Once the story hit the news, Jacob said he had received several messages of support from friends and family about the incident.


Jacob Jordan, the bottle shop employee who faced two armed robbers.
Jacob Jordan, the bottle shop employee who faced two armed robbers. Michelle Gately

He admits the attention and support has all been "a little bit exciting".

"I don't think too many people (who know me) were surprised by how I reacted," Jacob said.

"It's sort of been a bit of a buzz."

While Jacob wasn't too nervous about going back to work, he had imagined things could have been a little difficult come 9pm.

But everything has flowed smoothly so far.

That is apart from a couple of "smart arses" who've come through joking about holding up the store.

There's no doubt Jacob dealt with them with the same sense of humour he had throughout the ordeal.


Police on the scene of an armed hold-up at the Brunswick Hotel.
Police on the scene of an armed hold-up at the Brunswick Hotel. Michelle Gately

Detective Senior Sergeant Kelly Hanlen from Rockhampton CIB said investigations into the attempted armed robbery were ongoing.

Last week, she urged people to be cautious if faced with similar situations.

"Don't put yourself in danger to protect property," she said.

"We obviously don't have any control over people's actions, but we would encourage people to be safe first."

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