A FATHER and son team digging a backyard drain has struck an unexploded grenade at their Currimundi property.

Gavin Smith, 62, and his son Bradley, 32, were tunnelling under a pathway yesterday when they found the explosive.

"Dad was scraping the soil away with the spade when he scraped it," Bradley said.

Fortunately, Gavin had a fair idea they had uncovered a Second World War explosive.

When his father built one of the first homes in the area 56 years ago, there were still plenty of explosives left in the area from target practice during the war.

"Dad can remember people filling up wheelbarrows full of them," Bradley said.

Unsure of what to do with the device, the Smiths called the police, who taped off the area and contacted bomb disposal experts from Brisbane.

They took the grenade away.

Bradley said he had been lucky not to strike the grenade while digging the drain with a pick to avoid tree roots.

Bradley said the grenade had been buried about 30-45cm deep only two metres from the house.

He described it as about 15cm long, 7-8cm in diameter and rusty.

"It was pretty corroded, but it did look like a bomb," he said.

"My father spent a lot of time up the Coast and as soon as he saw it, he identified it.

"It was a little bit scary, digging up this piece from World War Two. It's probably been in the ground 60 or 70 years."

The Smiths hope to complete the drain today and get on to a few other odd jobs without incident.

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