Boettcher played key role

SWIFTS Sports Club is one of the powerhouses in Ipswich sport - but it wasn't always.

Ken Boettcher has been the main driving force behind Swifts' rise from a struggling rugby league club to what is now - home to more than a dozen seperate sports clubs.

Boettcher maintains the basis for Swifts' rise has been sound business principles and the will to make sure the right decisions are implemented.

"In any business it's management," Boettcher said of the key to his success.

"Swifts took over this (sports club) two years before I got on board. They were having pretty heavy losses."

In the first seven months of 1974, the year he took over as rugby league club president, Boettcher said the club was losing $6000 a month.

At the end of his first five months in charge, the club posted a $28,000 profit for the year.

While business sense is essential, so is man management.

"You've got to be pretty firm," Boettcher said.

"You have to assert your authority.

"You can't be frightened to speak up and you can't have people sitting on the fence.

"You also need a business brain and a knowledge of the rules and regulations of the Ipswich Rugby League."

Asked the most difficult decision he has had to make, Boettcher thinks a while before bringing up a topic that obviously frustrates him.

"Most decisions are difficult," he said.

"It's very difficult these days signing players because everyone wants to get paid.

"They all want money these days.

"There's no club loyalty

"In my day there were not many players going from club to club."

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