Judge's favourite: Brad and Dale
Judge's favourite: Brad and Dale Channel 9/WIN

The Block judge Shaynna Blaze tips Brad and Dale to win

THE Super Ks might have won the most prize money on The Block, but judge Shaynna Blaze says it's still any renovator's game.

Surfer couple Kyal and Kara earned a huge advantage alongside returning favourites Brad and Dale after winning the show's final challenge, earning a whopping $27,250 off each of their reserve prices at tonight's auctions.

The two duos teamed up for the show's final challenge, which saw them renovate an entire house for real-life clients and fans of the show Dawn and John.

Twins Alisa and Lysandra and renovation newbies Steve and Chantelle, in contrast, will get $16,000 taken off their reserves.

But Blaze says the outcome of the auctions will come down to the buyers who show up.

"On the other seasons of The Blocks there have been similar sized apartments and similar features. With all the other ones I did say 'I think this person is going to win'," Blaze told APN.

"It depends on what the buyers tick on the boxes. It might be the girls with the wide open space but Chantelle and Steve's is really quirky and I don't know if an artistic person has a really deep pocket.

"It's a hard one to pick. It depends on the buyers coming in. The buyer who wants Kyal and Kara's isn't the same buyer for Brad and Dale."

Fans Kyal and Kara have a real chance to beat the favourites.
Fans Kyal and Kara have a real chance to beat the favourites. Martin Philbey

But if she has to put her money on one team, Blaze is backing mates Brad and Dale.

"They're appealing to a wide range of buyers," she said.

"They haven't compromised on space in one area to benefit another. Theirs is also the most consistent of all the apartments. The quality of Kyal and Kara's is outstanding, but they did compromise on that main living area and they know that."

Blaze, who has renovated 73 properties on the Foxtel series Selling Houses Australia alone, said the four apartments have several features that will make them very attractive to high-end buyers.

"To have that access to a pool in your own apartment is a big tick," she said.

"And the off-street parking, each apartment has two spaces. That hasn't been talked about enough. In that area parking is exhausting to try to find."

But the private rooftop balconies are the biggest asset according to Blaze.

"The individual space up there absolutely adds on all the individual apartments," she said.

"It's got to add $50,000 on to all of them."

With the twins up in arms again over the scoring of their finished super-fan house with Chantelle and Steve, Blaze disputed any sort of judging bias on the renovation show.

"The unfairness of the scores s really silly," she said.

"I just don't get it. The scoring level is really quite high. You can't get a nine or 10 every time. If other people get higher scores than you then that's just how it is. I think they're just passionate and get really disappointed when they don't win.

"We don't see all the drama behind the scenes and that's good for us. We judge exactly what's presented to us."

The Block: Fans vs Faves grand final airs tonight at 7.30pm on Channel 9/WIN.

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