I ENTERED politics in 2013 because I had lived in our region for many years, had raised my family here and wanted to make our community a better place.

Over the years I have volunteered for a number of local not-for-profit organisations, including those helping the elderly, those with disabilities and carers.

I have also run my own small business and understand the importance of good public policy to drive business confidence.

I believe people want a local member who they feel they can approach and discuss the matters that are important to them.

I believe they want someone who will take their matters seriously and will fight for their causes in Canberra.

I have spent the years since the last federal election working diligently to form strong and close relationships with key coalition ministers and leaders.

Often this has meant I have travelled to Canberra at my own expense and I am proud to say this work has already delivered real benefits to our community.

I am proud to be the Turnbull Government's representative in Blair because our team has a strong plan to deliver jobs and economic growth.

I believe our policies are nation building.

We will build better roads, deliver affordable health and education and protect the most vulnerable in our community.

I ask that you put your faith in me on July 2 because I know I have the drive and passion to get results for our community.

Action on the Ipswich Motorway upgrade will be first on my list.

- Teresa Harding

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