Sandy Turner.
Sandy Turner. Contributed

BLAIR: Sandy Turner, Independent

I WAS born at the Ipswich General Hospital in 1968 and still live in this great city.

My background is in engineering (mechanical).

I love my footy, and played for West End and Norths. Also love my old Holdens.

I believe in traditional marriage, a man and a woman in the eyes of our Lord.

The government has no place legislating on marriage.

My wife and I married 26 years ago, and have four children.

All were educated here and still live locally.

I am against selling off our land to foreign entities.

Into the future if we continue to do this we will have no food security for our country.

This also serves to inflate house prices in the cities as foreign buyers are able to pay more than the average Aussie.

Whilst both the majors are embracing Islam, I see it as a very real threat.

Have a look globally and name just one Islamic country that is both at peace, and enjoys the freedoms we take for granted here.

It is not a religion, but rather an ideology complete with its own financial and judicial system.

It is simply not compatible with a western culture, and as such will never assimilate.

Our taxation system as it stands is a mess, allowing the corporations to return nothing to our country.

It needs to be scrapped and started afresh.

A vote for me is a vote for a clear voice for Blair that will not be bought nor corrupted.

- Sandy Turner

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