Man jailed for spitting into police officer's mouth

A SCAFFOLDER who hammered a Gladstone police officer with a barrage of punches to his chest and abdomen and spat into the mouth of another, has been jailed for two months.

Billy Jack Coombes, 30, was sentenced in the District Court on three counts of serious assault involving two police officers at Telina on October 11 last year.

Judge Fleur Kingham said spitting into the officer's face was an act of contempt and vile behaviour.

"Imagine how you would feel," she told Coombes.

Shauna Rankine for the Crown said police were called to a house in Telina at 8pm and while evading one officer Coombes ran straight at a second officer who blocked his escape.

He then punched the officer many times to his ribs and abdomen.

A struggle took place and a handcuffed Coombes kicked the same officer many times in the leg.

Ms Rankine said a very intoxicated Coombes began vomiting while on the ground and a second officer went to check if he was okay but Coombes spat into his face, causing the officer health fears.

Defence barrister Tom Polley said he was told there is no real medical risk without blood contact although herpes was possible.

The court was told of a public nuisance charge against Coombes many years ago after he whacked a bike-riding, plain-clothed officer on the head with "a Bad Girls calendar".

Coombes had not known that was an on-duty officer.

Judge Kingham sentenced Coombes to nine months jail, to be released on supervised parole after two months.

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