Caravanners: a truckie's nemesis.
Caravanners: a truckie's nemesis. Bruce Thomas/ Coffs Coast Advoca

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Caravanners moved on at midnight

THIS story was a little 'I spy' from a truckie who will remain unnamed, but boy was it a crack up.

Long story short, old mate pulled up in his B-double to the Yelgun rest area on the Pacific, only to find the marked truck bays overflowing with caravans.

Given the late hour and our informant's need for a kip, he cracked it and called the police.

A proud lawman arrived shortly after and knocked on the door of every caravan.

The convoy of weary travellers pulled out into the night and old mate was able to finally rest his head, albeit with a sneaky grin across his face!

Our readers found this story quite amusing, and social media lit up as a result.

Surprisingly, a lot of the people that commented were actually avid caravanners, commending the police officer for the action taken.

One commentor received strong praise for saying, "I am a caravanner and I love my trucks and the industry too. This should happen more often and this sort of stuff is a major problem in the caravan scene... I try explaining to them that they are on holidays and you guys and girls are working and need sleep but most times it falls on deaf ears. Good on old mate for doing what he did but at the end of the day he shouldn't have had too”.

A number of our readers, mostly drivers and operators, spoke of the grief they encounter when using parking bays.

The general consensus is that there are plenty of places to park your caravan, without encroaching on the much-needed space designated for trucks!

One reader aptly stated: "I'm a truckie and I go caravanning. There's heaps of places to park overnight for vans”.

Skipton rest area a death trap!

A READER sent in a photo of an appalling excuse for a rest area near Skipton, with piles of gravel making it impossible to pull up.

The reality is, if you're tired and it's two in the morning, what are you supposed to do?

This is all too often the case, meaning drivers are forced to push on to the next town or stop.

Our readers were certainly less than pleased on social media, naming a number of stops that are notoriously unsatisfactory, as well as pointing out insufficient amenities.

One reader spelt it out clearly, saying "what annoys me is the truck bays have no facilities in them, but the tourist stops all have toilets and some have rain water tanks and taps. Truckies are the life blood of this country and are treated like crap. I have extensively travelled this awesome country in trucks, cars and a campervan and always found the trucks get the raw end of the deal”.

Well put!

NO STOPPING HERE: There is no excuse for a pitiful rest stop.
NO STOPPING HERE: There is no excuse for a pitiful rest stop. Contributed

Jake brake... listen to the song of our people

THE jake brake, truckies love it, the general population hates it!

Guess what they hate even more, though?

The sound of a truck that can't stop in time!

This story showed a video of the Americans, in true 'bigger is better' fashion, holding a jake brake competition in Houston.

The video showed a range of beefed-up trucks burning down the road showing off the rumble of their jake brake.

Our readers tagged their fellow jake brake-loving mates like crazy, with a few saying they could out do the competitors!

"Most were pretty lame. Mine's louder,” one reader said.

Best comment goes to a reader that likened modern engine brakes to country music, saying "Hmmmm not a single 8V92 or VT903... those all basically sounded alike - just like modern "country” music does!”

Shake those windows!

Jake brake or out of control truck, you choose!
Jake brake or out of control truck, you choose!
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