Big freeze hits as we shiver

IF you didn't have your winter woollies out before this week, you probably do now.

Ipswich residents have shivered through two freezing nights with the temperature at Amberley dropping to 1 degree early Monday morning and 1.8 degrees in the early hours of Tuesday.

The cold mornings however have cleared to clear, sunny winter days with maximums in the low 20s.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Dean Narramore said locals could look forward to warmer conditions in the coming days of the coldest month of the year in Ipswich.

"It's certainly been cold in Ipswich the last couple of mornings, even colder out on the Granite Belt," Mr Narramore said.

"We're now into the winter phase.

"That means clear skies and any heat we do get during the day escapes quickly during the night.

"The good news is we should have a slow warming trend over the next few days with the nights getting progressively warmer as we approach the weekend."

Minmum temperatures are expected to climb to as high as 8 degrees by the weekend but residents are being encouraged to keep the heavy doona close at hand.

"The coldest month in Ipswich is normally July," Mr Narramore said.

"We normally get a couple of minuses a year.

"Things will be much nicer by the weekend but you can expect quite a few more of these cold periods over the next couple of months."

Surprisingly, Monday's 1 degree minimum wasn't the lowest for the year. On May 15, Amberley weather station recorded a 0.7-degree reading, more than 9 degrees below the May average.


  • Monday's 1-degree minimum was 6 degrees below the June average.
  • The coldest day for 2012 so far was May 15 at 0.7 degrees
  • The lowest temperature ever recorded at Amberley was -4.9 degrees on August 8, 1995

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