Vote for the best chips in Ipswich

This could be the single, most important article in the entire history of print media in Ipswich.

Seriously, and its the $64,000 question that needs to be answered: Who makes the best chips in Ipswich?

We asked our Facebook fans earlier this year to nominate where you can get the best deep fried potato snack in town, and it was quickly narrowed down to four contenders.

QT Mag paid a visit to all four establishments as chosen by you, and asked them the secret to a good chip.

Some were forthcoming, others were a bit cagey about giving up their secrets, but they all took great pride in their work and were happy to be in the running.

Get hungry, and for a good day out feel free to visit each of the four nominees, and then head to our Facebook page to vote for who you think should get the award of 'Ipswich's Best Chips.'

Do you like them with gravy, tomato sauce, aioli or something out of the ordinary? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Vote here: Who makes the best chips in Ipswich?


Jo Logan and Sandra Willett from Brassall Seafood & Takeaway
Jo Logan and Sandra Willett from Brassall Seafood & Takeaway Darren Hallesy

Brassall Seafood & Takeaway, Pine Mountain Road, Brassall

Jo Logan has been perfecting her chips as a cook for 11 years, and takes great pride in her work.

In a take-away where the owner Sam makes his own burgers, schnitzels and gravy, they average 15 boxes of spuds a day. With each box holding 15kg of spuds, you do the maths…that's a lot of chips!

"We think ours our best because we cook them in Cotton Seed Oil, not Vegetable Oil. We change it every day, and we made that change five years ago," Jo said. "Fresh oil is the secret to a good chip, it makes such a difference. But we ask our customers what they like, some like them undercooked, crunchy, crisp…there's so many ways to cook them.

"It's important to use oil that is changed and filtered on a daily basis, we also cook our chips away from all other foods to keep its original taste. Another good tip for maintaining a nice texture is temperature control, as we don't blanch and cook in the same fryer," Jo said.

"Also having a good vibe in the kitchen mixed with a bit of sense of humour does the final touches, especially when it's busy!"

When asked what it would mean to be voted the creators of 'Ipswich's Best Chips' Jo said "I thought we already were!"


Cooks Peter and Kevin want you to 'Vote 1: Fish Depot Raceview'
Cooks Peter and Kevin want you to 'Vote 1: Fish Depot Raceview' Darren Hallesy

Fish Depot, Raceview Street, Raceview

Fish Depot has been trading in Raceview for four years and has gained a loyal following amongst Ipswich Fish & Chip lovers.

Mario Trezner is the Manager of the store and says the secret to a good chip comes down to oil, quality and a little bit of Tasmania.

"We cook our chips in Cotton Seed Oil, which is a cholesterol-free oil, and delivers on taste," Mario said. "You don't get any strong aromas from it, and from my personal experience it's full of flavour. It cooks most items very evenly, and is a high quality, crispier oil.

"We use Edgell Choice Cut chips at Fish Depot, and it means that they come from the best Tasmanian potatoes. On an average week we go through about 56kg of them a day" Mario said.

"We see the same faces all the time, and while we get new customers it's the loyalty we get from our regulars that makes such a difference to a small business. As a business owner, that's what you want."


Paul McRindle from Miners Diner Take Away in Ebbw Vale with his homemade chips.
Paul McRindle from Miners Diner Take Away in Ebbw Vale with his homemade chips. Darren Hallesy

The Old Miner's Diner, Brisbane Street, Ebbw Vale

The Old Miner's Diner is something of an Ipswich institution, and has been a popular spot for a generation of people, and it's pretty hard to find someone more passionate about chips than owners Paul and Rebekah McCrindle.

What makes the Old Miner's Diner different to all the other chips in Ipswich is that Paul and Rebekah make their chips from scratch. They peel and slice half a tonne of chips, every four days. Just let that sink in a bit. That's a tonne of chips, every eight days.

"My wife and I have spent our whole lives in Ipswich," Paul said. "This place was built in 1963 by the local mine manager and everyone in Ipswich knows the food.

"We took it over nine years ago and we knew what it could do. In our first year we gutted the shop, and we set out to make our own chips. We go through half a tonne every four days, and we insist on Lockyer Valley potatoes, it's important to support local farmers," Paul said.

"We can peel and slice 50kg in ten minutes using two machines. The secret to a good chip is cooking them twice. My advice to people a home is to put them in the hot oil, take them out, and put them in a bowl with some glad wrap for five minutes, as the steam cooks the chips, then back in the oil. "We use Canola oil and make sure the oil is clean at all times."

Paul has seen how some giant fast food companies have been offering new varieties, so has decided to expand the range.

"We've expanded our menu so people can get something a bit different, we now have Mexican Chips, Curry Chips, Gravy & Cheese Chips, Rosemary Fries, Bacon & Cheese Chips, and Lemon Pepper Chips," Paul said. "The response has been fantastic. Ipswich loves a good chip!"


Stephanie Sewell and Cheryl Pfeffer from The Chambers Cafe
Stephanie Sewell and Cheryl Pfeffer from The Chambers Cafe Darren Hallesy

The Chambers Café Ellenborough Street, Ipswich

The Chambers Café has always been renowned for their chips over the five years it has been open sandwiched between the new Ipswich Police Station and the Ipswich Courthouse.

Owner Cheryl Pfeffer and cook Stephanie Sewell are both qualified chefs by trade, and know the importance of items like chips and coffee to a small business, especially with so much competition in the Ipswich CBD.

"We have become famous for our chips to be honest, and we turn over heaps of them on an average day," Cheryl said. "We change our oil very frequently, as that's the key to good, quality chips. You can't beat clean oil for a great result.

"Customers love our chips, as we use Supa Crunch Fries, and we think they are the best in Ipswich," Cheryl said. "They are crisp, crunchy, and soft inside.

"I've always been a believer in the saying 'If you're not first, you're last', and I love the fact that people think so much of our chips to nominate us as among the best in our city."



Who makes the best chips in Ipswich?

This poll ended on 17 December 2016.

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The Old Miners Diner Ebbw Vale


The Chambers Café Ipswich CBD


Fish Depot at Raceview


Brassall Seafood & Takeaway


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