Believe in bats, you believe in fairy tales

I READ, with interest, the letters relating to the bat problem in Yamanto.

I decided to go down a different route and personally contact my elected representatives for help. Initially the response was positive, especially from the mayor and my local councillor. My state representative took a little longer and my federal MP couldn't be bothered to respond. I have since found out that inactivity and lack of concern for the residents is the real response.

The suburb has been here for more than 40 years. The bats only arrived 4 to 5 years ago. It is not their natural habitat.

The state member used the word humanely, in regards to the bats, but seems to forget she represents people.

There needs to be a response now. I can't believe that some sort of sonic generator is not available.

The bats only have to fly about 3kms south and they will be in bushland.

For those who have written in saying they are cute and cuddly little things and should be left alone, the only thing missing from your letters is "Once Upon A Time".

Come out and ask the residents who can't use their clothes lines, who can't sleep past 4.15am, whose cars and houses are continually stained by excreta, whose children and grand children are in danger of disease, whose pets are in danger, who can't relax on the back veranda after 5pm, how they feel about cute and cuddly.

We hoped for support from our elected representatives and have been sorely disappointed.



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