Beaten at the bowser again

IPSWICH motorists will be paying an extra eight cents a litre for their petrol from next month.

Queenslanders currently receive cheaper fuel thanks to a 9.2 cents a litre fuel tax rebate but Premier Anna Bligh has announced the government will end the subsidy on July 1.

Ms Bligh said a recent independent inquiry identified Queenslanders were not receiving the full benefits of the scheme because New South Wales motorists were crossing the border to take advantage of cheaper fuel.

“We currently spend more than $500 million a year in our fuel subsidy program,” Ms Bligh said.

“But Queensland taxpayers and the motoring public are not getting value for money.”

She said the proposal by the New South Wales Government to abolish their fuel subsidy scheme before July 1 would make it more attractive for New South Wales motorists to cross the border and fill their tanks.

Troy Hanson, 31, from West Ipswich, said the fuel hike did not bother him.

“You have to pay what you have to pay, I can't change it,” Mr Hanson said.

“It sucks that it costs a dollar something but there isn't much I can do about it.”

Mr Hanson said it would not change or influence his political preference.

“I reckon they all suck at the moment, they're just fighting each other all the time,” he said.

RACQ 's external relations manager Gary Fites said that combined with increases in vehicle registration fees of 17 to 22 per cent, removing the long standing subsidy could cost Queensland families several hundred dollars a year.

In scrapping the subsidy the government went against the 100,000 motorists who signed a petition opposing any change to the fuel rebate.

The signatures were gathered from the RACQ's on-line petition, lending weight to the claims of major industry groups. Groups who oppose the axing include AgForce, Motor Trades Association of Queensland and the Queensland Trucking Association.

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