David Reynolds takes pole position for the Bathurst 1000. Picture: Brendan Esposito
David Reynolds takes pole position for the Bathurst 1000. Picture: Brendan Esposito

Reynolds nabs Bathurst pole, rookie teammate stuns

JUST 94 thousandths of a second was enough for David Reynolds to hang on for his second Bathurst 1000 pole position.

The reigning race winner edged Jamie Whincup for the best time in the Top 10 Shootout, while his Erebus teammate Anton De Pasquale nearly caused a boilover before ending up third.

De Pasquale - running in his first Top 10 Shootout at Bathurst and the second of his career - went out second but laid down a time that remained unbeaten until Reynolds rolled out of the Erebus garage.

"My young teammate did a pretty amazing time, couldn't let him beat me!" Reynolds joked.

"That was everything I had. My car was amazing. Our cars were so fast - we're first and third.

"The team's done a brilliant job to roll out with this pace. My thing was good. My thing was amazing."

Shane van Gisbergen will line up alongside the rookie.

Last year's pole-sitter, Scott McLaughlin, ended up fifth but retained his lap record.

Cam Waters, Nick Percat and James Courtney were next, while veteran Craig Lowndes ended up ninth in his final Bathurst 1000 shootout ahead of Garth Tander.


FIRST OUT: Garth Tander, 2m05.1717s, P10
First out the gate again, as he was last year. Slightly taily out of Hell Corner, otherwise neat up the hill to be 51.24 to the first split. Flows the car nicely across to top, 1m24.50 to Forrest's Elbow. 284km/h down Conrod, tidy again through the Chase and to the line. A good benchmark - and two tenths quicker than his Shootout lap last year.

"Happy with all of the lap except the exit of Turn 1, got a bit greedy on the run up Mountain Straight. Really happy with the car, probably the best race car I've had. Not too fussed where we start. Hardest bit's the sun. Lot of sun glare. Grip's about what you'd expect."

SECOND OUT: Anton De Pasquale, 2m04.3498s, P3
First of two Bathurst Shootout debutantes. Soars up the hill to take 0.5s out of Tander to the first split with a 50.79. Aggressive but smooth over the top, 1m23.73 to the Elbow - the best part of a second quicker than Tander. 285km/h down the hill but drops a wheel off at Murrays ... and still does a 2m04.34s despite losing two tenths with that mistake! This track is fast!

"It felt pretty good, car's obviously in a really good window. Got a little bit excited at that last corner."

THIRD OUT: Nick Percat, 2m04.7673s, P7
Uses no kerb at Hell, car looks very free through Griffin's and gives a big twitch into the kink at the Cutting. Percat's working hard in his maiden Bathurst Shootout. He's 0.2s down at the first split with a 51.04. Wisp of smoke into the Dipper. He's down on ADP but 0.25s up on Tander. 286km/h at the speed trap and 2m04.76s at the line.

FOURTH OUT: Cam Waters, 2m04.7517s, P6
The only Tickford driver in the Shootout after all four made it in last year. Car looks planted on the run up the hill. He's 0.2s down at the first split with a 51.04s. Takes very wide line over Skyline and is fastest of all across the top, 1m23.93 at the second split. 283km/h at the trap and slight wobble at the Chase translates to a 2m04.75s, four tenths down on ADP and 0.0156 up on Percat.

"I was extremely happy with that last sector. I just lost the rear going into the Chase a little bit, cost me a fair bit of time, but overall happy. Just great to be in the Shootout."

FIFTH OUT: Craig Lowndes, 2m05.0835s, P9
Huge cheers for the veteran's last Shootout at the Bathurst 1000. He's down at the first split with a 51.12. More big cheers as he rounds McPhillamy. He's lost more time across the top to be the slowest to the second split so far at 1m24.58s. 285km/h down Conrod and tidy through the Chase, but there won't be a fairytale final pole: 2m05.08, fourth of all the runners so far.

"Not really to be honest. I think we've been fighting this steering problem the last couple of days. We fixed it - that's the good thing - but we weren't quite happy with the balance across the top. But gave it a red hot go! I think the track's really fast."

SIXTH OUT: James Courtney, 2m05.0034s, P8
Car is free like Percat's up the hill, uses all the road on the run up to Reid Park and is just barely slower than ADP to the first split with a 50.99s. Maybe grazes the wall at Sulman Park - He seems to think so afterwards - but is then half a second down at the second split with a 1m24.27s. 285km/h down the hill and kicks up the dust on the exit of the Chase. Stops the clocks in the 'fives'. WAU's pole drought at Bathurst continues.

"Just couldn't get the rear hooked up. It was pretty fun across the top! Long way to go tomorrow so we'll see what happens."

SEVENTH OUT: Shane van Gisbergen, 2m04.5385s, P4
Left a tyre-width of room to the apex at Hell, otherwise tidy up the hill. Closest to ADP so far on 50.89 but still a tenth adrift. Precise over and down the hill - but he's lost two more tenths by the second split! 1m24.07s. 285km/h down Conrod. Stops the clocks almost 0.2s shy of the top spot!

"Yeah, not too bad. Probably didn't get it quite right. My car's been quite a handful in qualifying trim but it was better. It's very dusty in all the lines you want to take."

EIGHTH OUT: Scott McLaughlin, 2m04.5494s, P5
Last year's pole man with that stunning maiden 'three'. Headlights on up the hill - it's getting dark out there! Uses all the road at Griffin's, no lockup into the Cutting this year. But he's down on ADP too! 51.09 at the first split. Fastest of all across the hill to trim his deficit slightly, 1m23.91s. 286km/h at the trap but slightly wide at the Chase. ADP's time holds again! McLaughlin to third on a 2m04.54, just under 0.2s adrift and slower than SVG.

"Go hard or go home, they say. Just gotta grip it and rip it and have a crack. The car was really good but I think the track's gone away from us a little bit."

NINTH OUT: David Reynolds, 2m04.0589s, POLE
The reigning champion, owner of last year's 'Lap of the Mountain Goat.' Neat and tidy up the hill - and it shows! 50.50 to be fastest of all at the first split! Strong across the top to maintain his margin, 1m23.55s. 285km/h down Conrod. Slight chirrup under brakes at the Chase that sends him fractionally wide. He takes the top spot with a 2m04.05s, almost three tenths up on his teammate.

LAST OUT: Jamie Whincup, 2m04.0683s, P2
A wobble under brakes for Hell but gathered it up. Slight wiggle at Reid and is slower than both Erebus cars to the first split with a 50.87s. Uses all the road down into the Dipper. 1m23.74s at the second split - still slower than both Erebus cars. 286km/h through the trap, hits the apex. Pin accurate. It's enough to split the Erebus cars but not enough for pole - 2m04.0683s, 0.0094s shy of Reynolds!

"Pretty happy with that lap, couldn't ask for anything more. Not a bad thing to not be on pole!"

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