Bass loving the spring storms

THE whiting have shown up and many anglers are getting stuck in.

If you have access to a boat the shallow sand banks off the Rainbow channel are a great place to start fishing for them.

Look for banks with weed beds near them as whiting will often hunt and shelter in these during the day.

Many anglers are using baits of sand worms, strips of squid or nippers.

Light leader around the 4lb mark and very small sinkers are a must as the whiting can be finicky in the clear water.

If you want to try lures, small worm soft plastics like the Isome Worms are great when the water is a little deeper.

However, small clear poppers can be very fun and exciting when fishing the flats on an incoming tide.

Keep the popper moving even if whiting come up and miss-hit it as they can often get more aggressive if it appears its getting away from them.

Bass have been responding well to the warm days and afternoon storms of late and upper Brisbane River is fishing well.

Surface lures like the Dog X or Soft Shell Cicada and spinner baits are picking up good numbers depending on the time of the day.

Early morning and late in the afternoon are great times to throw surface lures but when the sun is up and the bass have retreated to the deeper areas a slow rolled spinner bait will pick them up.

The use of a kayak of canoe will allow you to fish less pressured areas and focus on the snags a little easier than fishing off the river banks.

If limited to the banks, fresh water worms are like candy to bass and will often out fish other baits.

Try to get away from pressured areas even if it's only walking a little further down stream as it will increase your catch rates.

- Matt Osley (Charlton's Fishing at Redbank)

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